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Vintage Shopping Parties at Vian Hunter House of Fashion

Mark your calendar for mai tais and vintage wares at Lisa Hunter's latest open house.

By Amanda Zurita June 8, 2015

WHERE: Vian Hunter House of Fashion in Queen Anne

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Vian Hunter's last party had a ’70s theme. Stay tuned for July's Tiki soiree.

WHAT: At a recent Fashion Group International event, I suggested that what I'd really love to see more of in the Seattle style scene is a lineup of fashiony fêtes, events, and shows worth getting dressed up for. It seems that at least one person was already a step ahead of me: Lisa Hunter is welcoming vintage-inclined shoppers into her boutique for a series of monthly parties.

May's event had a ’70s theme. A few days ago shoppers sipped martinis and tried on vintage hats. And for July, Hunter hosts a Tiki party complete with mai tais and Hawaiian frocks.

WHEN: Grab a lei and head to 6 West Howe Street on July 2 from 4:30 to 7:30.

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