Summer in Seattle: that means one thing. Well, it means lots of things. But one thing it means for sure is visitors. Lots and lots of visitors.

You know who likes to visit Seattle? Diane von Furstenberg. Her new shop in Bellevue Square isn't even a month old as I sit writing this, but even before business travel brought her here, she frequented these parts to see friends. Who knew?

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Image via the Bellevue Collection's Bell's Vue

Von Furstenberg's people told us all about it, and we bartered for the iconic designer's hit list, and here it is. Share it with friends and family from out of town, and/or use it for those days when you want to be a tourist in your own town.

It begins, of course, with the new flagship, and that's the first and last of DVF's shopping tips, but all the eating, drinking, and exploring tips below are from the legend herself.

"We’re new to the neighborhood, and so excited to be here! Our newest boutique is the best place in the Northwest to explore our ready-to-wear and accessories collections. Come say hello!"

-Bellevue and Pike Place Farmer’s Markets
"I love to visit markets whenever I travel—especially farmer’s markets—they are so colorful and alive. Even more than a great place to eat and get delicious, fresh, healthy food; it is a beautiful place to take pictures."

-Paddle Boarding in Enatai Beach Park
"Nature is my source of strength; I seek it out whenever I travel. I usually hike to find clarity, but if I am in the mood for something more adventurous, I might try something new, like paddle boarding on beautiful Lake Washington."
"I am always inspired by art, and I love the Bellevue Arts Museum; it has the most beautiful light and, in everything, light is so important."

"Dark chocolate, and a great espresso are my favorite afternoon pick-me-up, so Seattle has plenty of options! I love the Anchored Ship."
"I don’t like small talk, I like intimacy…so this little restaurant (it only seats 33) is perfect for that. It changes its menu weekly, so it is really the best place to taste of all of the seasonal produce after a day of exploring."
"This is a great place for a cocktail after dinner; it’s known for its whiskeys and bitters but with the Western Hemisphere’s largest collection of spirits, they also do well with my personal favorite…tequila!"