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IDRS Files #1: What Designer April Pride is Crushing On

On Instagram, ice tea, vintage jean jackets, and the ever-present excuse to get dressed up.

By Amanda Zurita June 20, 2014

It started with a dress. The Dress. Which actually followed a career in interiors, and, this September, will lead to a spot at the Independent Designer Showcase.

And today she's the first of our IDRS Files series.

April Pride is one of 10 designers competing in the Bellevue event, growing her handful of bespoke dresses and accessories into a full runway-ready collection. Here she shares a look into her inspiration and her favorite Seattle and international spots, sounds, and services.

Image via April Pride

Shop Talk: Favorite style blog?
Pride: Nowness has short videos on random topics (i.e. a mannequin factory) and people I've found myself obsessed with like Chole Sevigny and Rick Rubin. There is always this hip-hop element and international coverage of what's up, cool, and current. 

Best Instagram feed?
The Magdelena Experience follows a woman (Magdelena) who undresses throughout her travels. I love her bold acts on a seemingly ordinary day. I also like _starlady_ (she's dating Tony Hawk's son). She is a rocker, a wiccan, a drinker, a stoner, and super young and in love. The best soap opera I can imagine. 

Who does your hair?
Vivian of Vivian Lee Style is it. She gives a cut that grows out really well. Period. 

What item of clothing or accessory has been in heavy rotation this month?
My vintage Levi's Big E jacket customized with suede back panel. Oversized, torn, and collar popped. This is part of the new AP / REVIVAL collection to launch in August.

What item of clothing or accessory would you buy right now if you could?
A custom-made Italian wool sweater from Renee Bassetti. It is part poncho, part country club. 

Favorite coffee shop or café?
I just went to Ada's Technical Books for the first time and love the light quality in the space, and the Lady Ada ice tea. 

Best restaurant for getting dressed up and wearing a great outfit?
There's not one that isn't worthy of a great outfit.   

Where'd you go the last time you got out of town:
Tokyo for my tenth wedding anniversary, which was promptly followed by a weekend in Leavenworth. 

Soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon:
I cannot stop listening to Jagwar Ma remixes. Super chill yet party-inducing. And kid-friendly. 

Seattleite you'd most like to meet:
When I first met [Seattle Met style editor] Laura Cassidy, she told me about Zoe Dusanne who opened a gallery in the Central District in 1950. And recently, I read the bio of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who, in 1957, was sponsored to travel to the U.S. by Dusanne, who then showcased her work in Seattle. Dusanne was a beacon for art in Seattle and created the community we all appreciate today. A true visionary. 


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