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5 New Year's Eve Makeup Tips from Local Expert Melissa Korn

Local makeup artist Melissa Korn shares her tips and tricks for going glam this NYE.

Edited by Amanda Zurita By Melissa Korn December 26, 2013

We enlisted the help of Melissa Korn, hair and makeup artist at Barneys New York, in creating a galm makeup look worthy of ringing in the New Year. Check out her expert advice below.

New Year's Eve is the one night beyond Halloween that almost requires you pull out that bold, sparkling eye makeup you bought once on a daring whim. The trick is in knowing how to wear it so you don't resemble a 14 year old channeling her best Katy Perry.

Local beauty expert Melissa Korn tells us how to shine this NYE.

Here are my five tips and tricks for getting New Year's glam:

1. Keep the focus on one just one feature when using strong shimmer or glitter products. Our model is wearing a soft peach blush and light lipstick to put the emphasis on her eyes.

2. Cover your bases. I always recommend eye primer (try Nars Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base, $24 at Barneys New York), but with glitters it's essential for keeping makeup in place.

3. Use clear lash glue like Ardell eyelash adhesive ($4, Bartell Drugs) to bond glitter pigments to the lids. Apply a light coat of glue wherever you want the pigment to stick then press on glitter with a makeup brush until you're satisfied with the coverage.

4. While applying, keep loose glitter off your cheeks and face by spreading a generous amount of moisturizer under eyes to catch strays. Wipe off when finished. Scotch Tape also works well for small clean ups.

5. Finish with bold false lashes. Surprisingly, they add balance to what could be a too-strong look. We used Kre-at Beauty's partial lashes with crystal accents ($45, Barneys New York). Worn alone, they open up the eyes with flashes of light, but with full eye makeup, they take it to celebrity status.

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