We're always looking for ways to support Seattle's many local artisans while staying in our pajamas. Our e-shopping go to? Etsy, the online hub of handmade, where independent crafters and vintage collectors can set up shops for their unique wares.

We browsed through the 144,622 items from Seattle Etsy outposts to bring you 10 of our favorite shops for holiday gift giving (and, let's be honest, for stuffing our own stockings) with most giftables under $40. Check out our selections below.


Danger Crafts
Looking to home make your own gifts this year? For crafty types, this Etsy shop offers an array of downloadable patterns to knit mischievous monsters, adorable dinosaurs, and other pet playthings. For those of us less adept with needles, Danger Crafts sells finished creatures as well. (Knitting patterns from $6; finished items from $30.) 


Local gal Erin Duncan embroiders cheeky hankies and modern pocket squares for the old-fashioned types with a sense of humor on your list. (Handkerchiefs starting at $10, custom orders available.) 


From golf enthusiasts to coin collectors, Mancornas has a set of cuff links or tie clip for nearly everyone. Know someone who really likes Oreos? A butcher? Yup, they're covered too. For the ladies, the shop is also stocked with a selection of interesting earrings and pendants. Bonus: most items are currently on sale. (Cuff links priced around $35.) 


Dahlia Press
Put pen to paper this season with beautiful hand-printed cards made on a vintage Gold Pearl letterpress circa 1900. Purchase cards individually or place a custom bulk order to correspond with all your friends and family. (Single cards around $4.50 each; contact Dahlia Press for custom orders.) 


Garden Bon Bons
No, these aren't chocolates. Garden Bon Bons makes treats for the soil with individually crafted seed pods containing a variety herbs. Plant them inside for winter window greenery or hold on to the artful bon bon box until spring. Just be careful not to eat them. (Box of eight seed pods for $16.) 


Herbivore Botanicals
The duo behind feel-good shop produce all-natural, vegan, paraben- and artificial fragrance-free (etc. etc.) soaps, tonics, balms, and butters from their Seattle studio. If anyone's listening, we're putting the sea mist hair spray and bamboo charcoal soap on our list. (Skincare products from $9.) 


Andrew's Reclaimed
Husband-and-wife team Andrew and Melissa Pettit fashion reclaimed woods into elegant, modern housewares. Find natural wood soap holders, chic coat racks, and the simple iPad stand pictured above in the duo's fresh Etsy shop. (Tablet block is $37; shoppers select "level of character" from rustic to clean when ordering.) 


Blumen Kinder Kids
Blumen Kinder Kids is the pint sized offshoot of Blumen Kinder, a knitwear and accessories line by local artisan Annette Sindel. The children's collection features ecofriendly upcycled ponchos, dresses, and adorable knits for newborns. (One-of-a-kind items sell for between $32 and $64.) 


True Treats Pet Bakery
Not to forget the furry friends in your life (and we mean all the furry friends, this shop has goodies for dogs, cats, bunnies, and even horses), True Treats Pet Bakery whips up gourmet, all-natural pet treats in flavors like pumpkin catnip and peanut butter with carob chip. (Snacks starting around $8.) 


eGarden Studio
This shop's motto: turning ordinary objects into extraordinary decorations. Those ordinary objects include used light bulbs, glass cubes, and blown-glass orbs designed to house succulents, air plants, and marimos. What's a marimo, you ask? A ball of live green algae that the Japanese believe brings good luck. And it's much easier to take care of than a gold fish. (The smallest marimo with container sells for $11.50; most items around $20.) 

All images via their respective Etsy shops.


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