Inside Bio-Therapeutic Spa and Skin Care

We take a look at the SoDo spa at the forefront of skin care and anti-aging technology.

By Amanda Zurita September 5, 2013

It seems surprising to say, but Seattle is turning out to be a major player in the skin care world. Consider Clarisonic in Redmond, local brand JeNu, and Bio-Therapeutic, a SoDo-based spa, research facility, medical device business, educational center, and product manufacturer focused on skin care and anti-aging technologies.

The spa itself is only a few years old, but the brand started nearly 40 years ago when James Suzuki, a former Boeing electrical engineer, started working on alternative healing methods for pain management. Today, his son David Suzuki has taken the reigns as company president and transformed the brand into a high-tech anti-aging business with products and systems used in spas around the globe.

We sat down with Suzuki to learn more about this hidden gem and how it's sitting at the forefront of skin care science below. 

Wet/dry microdermabrasion developed by Bio-Therapeutic aims to improve skin texture and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
Image via Bio-Therapeutic

The spa focuses on technology-based skin care using a variety of devices and systems all developed in house. They aim to produce or improve on a new technology every year or so, with current devices utilizing things like LED light therapy and rejuvenating microcurrents to improve skin conditions.

When it comes to take-home products, Suzuki told us that in general studies of skin care ingredients produce a range of percentages in which that ingredient is found to be effective, and products that advertise to include certain additives can contain any amount on the scale. That is, if a product contains something like glycolic acid, it doesn't have to have the amount that is proven most effective (on the upper end of the scale), but simply a level that falls within the range.

In hindsight this seems obvious, but his explanation was really somewhat of a revelation and helps to clarify why all skin care isn't created equal, regardless of ingredients. All of Bio-Therapeutic's lineup includes the maximum effective amount.

And not only are the products made to work, but the streamlined and clearly marked collection makes them easy to use and understand.

Stop by the sprawling SoDo spa to receive a high-tech treatment and work with a technician to find the right locally made product regime for you—or simply to gawk at this innovative, game-changing facility that's been hiding right in our backyard.


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