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What Beats and Bohos is Crushing On

Step off the beaten path to experience Ballard's vintage gem and its collection of records and psychedelic styles.

By Julia Kernerman July 22, 2013

Our new Crushing On series highlights Seattle shops and off-the-beaten-path boutiques and asks owners what chic coiffures, budding blogs, and local eateries are making them tick right now. First up: Ballard vintage emporium Beats and Bohos.

In an otherwise nondescript north Ballard attic there rests a surprisngly charming boutique: Beats and Bohos, an eclectic shop luring in vintage hunters and sound hounds alike. Partners Omaima Wolf and BJay Tibbs originally connected over their love of music and chose to open a record store featuring their extensive collection of vintage vinyl. Lucky for us, this passion paired with Wolf’s fondness for retro wears and decor resulted in the cozy space. Check out the rest of her current local fixations below.

Owners BJay Tibbs and Omaima Wolf

What is your favorite fashion blog?
The Citizen Rosebud is the sassiest local style blog. I also enjoy the Dainty Squid and Sweet Jane since that little lady shares the same admiration as I do for the swinging London scene of the '60s and '70s.

What item of clothing or accessory is in heavy rotation this month?
With the sunny weather it's been all about vintage summer dresses in our shop. For myself, I'm loving  lace or crochet looks, which fits in well with contemporary fashion. I have always been a huge fan of belled, flowy sleeves (another trend that's gaining popularity). It's nice how that works out!

Who does your hair?
Lindsey Wilhelm at Derby Salon always makes sure I leave with an immaculate cut and style. She does an amazing job—much recommended!

What's your favorite cafe?
I always head to Chocolat Vitale for sipping on amazing drinking chocolate while being surrounded by wonderful artwork and vintage decor. I also like Honore Bakery to satisfy my French-patisserie sweet tooth. It doesn't hurt that it also serves Lighthouse coffee, my favorite local roaster.

What item of clothing or accessory would you buy right now if you could?
Something handmade from Gwen Stubbs, a local clothing designer who simply rocks. Her label Lekkerlife is carried by Seattle boutiques like Velouria and Sassafras.

Best restaurant for getting dressed up and wearing a great outfit?
Our favorite date-night spot is Carmelita on Phinney Ridge which serves creative American vegetarian cuisine. It has been around for 17 years but unfortunately it's closing in September.

Where did you go the last time you got out of town?
Austin Psych Fest in Texas. I had such a blast—it's an outdoor festival with killer psychedelic music on a ranch outside of the city.

Soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon?                                                                                          
This kind of question is always tough for us music heads, but here's a little taste of stuff that BJay and I love that seems appropriate: Velvet Underground’s "Sunday Morning" and Mark and Suzann Farmer’s cover of "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac; anything by Roxy Music or local groups Ecstatic Cosmic Union and Dream Salon; and really good salsa music.

Seattleite you'd most like to meet?
Quincy Jones. Though, Bruce Lee and Jimmy Hendrix are definitely close seconds.



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