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This year, spring nail polish is going to the birds.

Polishes are taking a note from our feathered friends and introducing colors and textures inspired by eggs and feathers. And aside from gluing some fresh blooms to your fingers, we can hardly think of a better way to celebrate the season.

While you could take the time to DIY your own feather manicure, brands like Nails Inc. are making it easy with prebottled plumage in a range of spring shades. The polish isn't actually made of feathers, but rather colorful confetti suspended in clear lacquer that gives the appearance of soft down when layered on your nails. We suggest applying three to four thin coats to really get that winged look. 

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Still other nail colors are taking the trend to the source with polishes that mimic natural eggshells. Illamasqua's line of speckled varnish includes five pastel polishes whose multisized matte-glitter formula gives nails a freckled look; and the polish dries to a semimatte finish to really solidify the shell similarity.

Find these shades and others at local Sephora stores—Nails Inc's feather effects for $10; and Illamasqua's speckled varnish for $16—and prepare to take full flight into the new season.

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