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Meet the Designer: Grace Gow

Jewelry designer Cat McCadden combines bright nylon cords, mixed metals, and Parisian vintage threads for her luxe Grace Gow line.

By Amanda Zurita January 28, 2013

Allow us to re-introduce Cat McCadden and her texturally focused, proportionately balanced jewelry collection Grace Gow.

McCadden draws inspiration from her friends, from her mood, from Jon Stewart, even, and finds that only once all these random influences fall together into a cohesive vision can she begin to build tangible (and beautiful) jewelry.

And like her muses, McCadden's work runs the gamut of materials, textures, and styles—one minute she's experimenting with gold mesh, the next she's churning out wire-wrapped nylon cord necklaces.

"From a fabrication standpoint, I am excited by the right materials," she tells us, "I’ve found some of the best components when not looking for them; mini-spools of real metallic thread, vintage [pieces] from Paris in the 30s. It's amazing." 

Take for example the "Tron-meets-tropical dangle earrings" she created after finding some electric blue aluminium discs while having a key made recently.

As for what's next, McCadden says, "I hope Grace Gow is the future’s vintage. When someone finds Grace Gow earrings in 50 years, they're psyched, put on the jewelry, and walk out the door."

Stop by her show room at Capitol Hill's Style Syndicate or contact McCadden to talk custom pieces. 

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