Restaurant and bar people are hurrying to the Fremont Collective; the newly sustainable building that was once a empty warehouse is home to Whale Wins, by Boat Street and Walrus and the Carpenter chef Renee Erickson, and Joule, Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi’s former Wallingford gem.

Where the Kolstrand Building has the Dutch Bike Company (yep, same owners in Fremont and Ballard), this spot houses the sporting goods shop Evo. It's a formula that works. That table for four with no reservations and a 30-minute wait for a table? One of them is bound to plunk down some cash on outdoor gear. 

When Evo head Bryce Phillips hit Mt. Ashland's ski slopes in southern Oregon at the age of 12, he became addicted to "chasing winter." Fast forward to 2001; Phillips spent his days between college classes and his apartment, where he ran a rogue used ski and snowboard gear operation with a friend. Those humble digs were Evo's beginnings.

The shop is much more than a winter sports retailer these days. Phillips and his crew use their space to host concerts, movie screenings, mountain safety classes, and art shows. The store's basement houses All Together Skate, an underground skate park that is planned to open in winter 2013.

Check out our slide show for an inside look at this innovative retailer.

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