Sale: Liave

Celebrate three years of European gifts and home accessories on Western Avenue.

By Laura Cassidy June 9, 2011

Where: Liave

What: If I say to you, “West Edge,” do you say “huh?” or do you say, “sure, yes, right down there around Western Ave?”

The term is supposed to describe the area just up from the waterfront between Pike Place Market, Downtown, and Pioneer Square. Although it’s got SAM up the street and some (in my opinion) very important stores in its ranks (Jack Straw, A Mano, Far 4, Totokaelo, and Liave among them), I seem to always meet people whose answer is closer to the former than the latter.

That’s not Cornelia Veit’s fault. If the neighborhood that almost isn’t had a patron saint, it might be her. I haven’t met many who believe in the power of its community like she does. Of course, she’s invested in it. Three years ago she opened Liave and homes, condos, and citizens of Seattle have the quietly arched, vibrant colored glass vases to show for it. And the surprisingly elegant cement pedestals. And the softest leather carry-alls. It’s a pretty great place.

To celebrate three years of well-made, thoughtful European accessories and the oddball retail precinct that’s making it even in tough times, Veit is offering 20 percent off on all items in stock for three days next week.

Go, and take a look around the neighborhood.

When: Thursday June 16 though Sunday June 19; regular store hours.

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