Party Week at Horseshoe Boutique

The Ballard boutique celebrates its fifth anniversary with Toms shoes, Butter London, big sales, and you.

By Annie Rose Favreau June 7, 2011

It’s a blank canvas…for your feet! Color some Tom’s and celebrate Horseshoe’s fifth birthday.

“I’ve always had a thing for horseshoes,” says Jill Andersen explaining the name of her Ballard boutique. “I grew up in Nebraska and Colorado and have an affinity for early Americana; plus, there’s the lucky charm aspect.” She’s certainly feeling fortunate right now: it’s her store’s fifth anniversary this month. “You survive your first year, the second year is better, then you see all this growth. It makes you want to get up and come to work,” remarks Andersen.

Some stores, like some people, let birthdays go by with little fanfare. For others, one party isn’t enough, so they throw a whole suite of celebrations.

The main event in a string of four is a Style Your Sole Toms fete on June 15. After buying white Toms, you can hire one of three local artists to decorate your purchase for $10. Paint supplies will also be on hand if you want to get crafty and design your own. Amidst cake, champagne, and serious sales, they’re also raffling off a Prairie Underground sweatshirt and other goodies.

On June 12 there’s the Annual Stockroom Sale. Arriving early is recommended: last year, so many shoppers braved the freezing May weather, that the line stretched out into the back alley.

On June 17, consider the Happy Hour Butter Party, where you can relax with a mini mani-pedi courtesy of Butter London beauty products, sip some bubbly, or enter your name to win Butter by Nadia’s Signature Dress in Little Red Stripe. “It’s going to be really, really girly,” notes Kruger.

June 21 marks the launch party for Teu Swimwear, a line by Tininha Silver which will be sold exclusively at Horseshoe. With any luck, bathing suit weather will be on the horizon by then.

As if Andersen doesn’t have enough on her plate, she’s planning the debut of her new online store to coincide with the celebrations.

“For us, the thought of launching the website on the day we opened five years ago is perfect. It’s the second shop.”

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