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How to Throw a Baby Shower That's Not Lame

No one will miss the chocolate-in-a-diaper game, trust us.

By Rosin Saez August 20, 2019 Published in the September 2019 issue of Seattle Met

Tea Time at the Sorrento

A century’s worth of travelers have trod through this historic hotel on First Hill, where you can leave the logistics of food, drinks, decor, and cleanup to the top-notch staff while eating pastries and sipping tea—pinky fingers up, because you need this fancy, pre-baby moment.

Mocktail Hour

If you’re partying at home, keep soiree stress at bay by outsourcing the all-important beverages; Mi Agua Fresca, a local, Latina-run company, will deliver Mexican-style nonalcoholic drinks from horchata to hibiscus.

Baby Blowout (No, Not That Kind)

If a shower must accommodate friends, family, and the neighbors you couldn’t not invite, then go big: Book Sole Repair, the event venue connected to Quinn’s on Capitol Hill (customizable space, natural light for photos) or the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion atop Hotel Ballard (family-style meals, insane views).,

What the $%&* Is a Baby Sprinkle?

(Other than something that rhymes with, ugh, “tinkle.”)

When an expectant family is already drowning in kids’ laundry, they might not want more teeny-tiny articles of clothing, or more of the barefoot torture devices known as toys. The sprinkle isn’t a full-on showering of gifts, but rather a low-key gathering for second or third babies. Offerings might skew toward essentials, like diapers or sleep-cycle condolence cards with cash inside.

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