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Kids Parties That Don’t Make Parents Gag

We get it—if you have to sit through one more germ-filled, candy-powered party at a Chuck E. Cheese, you’ll riot.

By Sam Jones August 20, 2019 Published in the September 2019 issue of Seattle Met

FrogLegs Culinary Academy

Your kid may not be the next Holly Smith or John Sundstrom, but they can learn to cook butterfly-shaped pizzas, dessert sushi, or seashell whoopie pies. Themed parties at U Village and Kirkland locations can involve Chopped-inspired competitions or you-make-it cupcakes shaped like the poop emoji.

The Moonpaper Tent

This party comes to you, with themed dress-up, crafts, face painting, and theatrics. Whether your offspring is into pirates and mermaids, bugs and butterflies, or circus fairies (whatever those are) the party posse can sport handmade crowns while putting on a show or searching for hidden treasure.


For the kids: a bi-level joint in Bryant filled with Legos and Duplos, as well as a couple train sets, gaming consoles, plus foosball and air hockey tables. For the adults: full-service espresso bar, wine, beer from nearby Ravenna Brewing Company, loads of free parking, and a pleasant patio. 

Kids Science Labs

A Greenlake lab lets elementary schoolers channel their inner Einstein in a fun but educational way. There’s a play area for the not-quite-yet-scientists of the group, and free Wi-Fi so you can do your own thing and let the instructors corral and entertain partygoers with chemistry or slime-themed experiments. 

Full Tilt Ice Cream

If the combination of pinball and ice cream isn’t a sufficient draw, birthday honorees at Full Tilt’s five locations also get to design a custom ice cream flavor (traditional or vegan).

Elevated Sportz

Wear out your energetic party peeps at this Bothell gym full of trampolines, dodgeball, laser mazes, a ninja course, and virtual reality machine, all without any cleanup or setup. The venue handles the pizza, invitations, and decor so you can sit back and watch kids go, go, go.

Sandbox Sports

Host a beach volleyball tournament in this Georgetown sand-covered playground, or opt for non-sand adventures like bocce ball, badminton, sack races, ping-pong, foosball…you get the drift. Oh, and they have a tiki bar.

Dizzy’s Tumblebus

Younger kids can jump and twirl around this bus-turned-mobile-gymnastics-center with two instructors while parents mingle in your home, at the bar, around the park, or whatever other flat parking-friendly space is available.

Pacific Science Center

Build your own rocket, touch a cockroach, and climb in an electrostatic field before chowing down on some liquid nitrogen ice cream and exploring the museum exhibits. Not quite enough? Add on an Imax movie, laser show, or virtual reality adventure to make for a memorable celebration.

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