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Where to Find It: Cake Pedestals, Part II

By Laura Cassidy May 19, 2010


If, three years ago when we launched Seattle Met Bride & Groom, you had told me that I’d be spending a lot of time talking to people about cake platters, you would have been met with a pretty blank stare. As it turns out, the topic does come up a lot, so I’ve learned to focus my gaze a little.

I think the thing is that most people don’t spend a lot of time looking at or for cake pedestals until they need one — like, for a five-tier fresh raspberry-stripped chocolate ganache dream — and all those Amy Atlas dessert buffets make them feel that their union won’t even be legal if they don’t have a five-some of cakes on pretty strands strewn just-so on a long, perfect-color-palette spread.

Furthermore, they assume that after the DJ cues or the band approximates that terrible and seemingly irresistible Average White Band song, they’ll never need one again. And a headache ensues.

Cake pedestals, as we found out here, are not that hard to find. But if you’re imagining something clean-lined and stylishly classic, maybe in a haute shade of neon or a vintage jade hue, just call Sheena Kalso at Totally Tabletops.

Kalso rents great modern pieces to couples who aren’t looking for overly precious or expensively bland, and she’s excited to have recently added a huge pile of Mosser brand pedestals courtesy of Judy Tallant of Tallant House. Totally Tabletops serving pieces are pictured here; check them out.

More and more couples are doing the multiple cake thing, for sure. It makes so much sense, and it makes for such a pretty spread. Browsing the Totally-Tabletop-by-way-of-Tallant-House collection, you can just imagine how the blue milk glass Mosser would look next to a white milk glass Mosser surrounded by couple of shorter, ruffled-edge clear platters. That is: adorable. Good enough to eat. (Though it should be noted, the pedestals work just as well under a single, stacked cake or piled with cupcakes, donuts, cookies, or whatever else.)

So go ahead and dream, and browse the images here, courtesy Tallant House, knowing that you can make it all happen without spending a bunch of money (the Mossers are loaned for between $10 and $20 bucks), and without a single headache.

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