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Where to Find It: Cake Pedestals

July 27, 2009

A reader we’ll call T wrote in to ask where she could find the cake pedestals supporting the elegantly simple fondant cakes on the cover of the Summer 08 issue of Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom (seen here). Those belong in the private stash of a certain Steven Moore, a wedding and event designer – and sometime cake baker, gown maker, and set designer – based in Bellingham.

Wedding and party rental houses have these things in spades, but if you’re putting together a birthday party or a smaller wedding and you’re looking for some cake pedestals of your own, the first Seattle resource I’d point you toward is Clara French Ceramics. They’ll custom make uncommonly pretty cake stands and plates according to your colors; it’s worth saying that some of their work is available for rent as well.

Clara French’s artisan pieces don’t come cheap, so if you might also try City Kitchens. I’ve noticed they keep a really interesting and diverse selection of sweet stands in store.

Finally, a word of both encouragement and warning: I’ve decided to make blog posts out of all questions of this manner. After almost ten years in the game of city publications, friends and relations naturally drift my way with queries regarding brunch spots and Bakelite jewelry and everything in between, and it only now dawned on me that it makes sense to share the information here.

Be sure and let me know what it is that you’re looking for next time you find yourself out there looking for it.

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