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Price Range: 30 Percent Off Organics

An interview with Spun’s Sara Seumae, and an enticing offer to boot.

By Caitlin King March 8, 2010

New series by Chelsea Randall … what’s your price range?

Looking for a locally based organic alternative to that one store selling brightly colored layering pieces and jersey basics? Meet Mercer Island resident Sara Seumae, and Spun, her online collection of organic cotton, American-made basics.

But first, introduce yourselves to this: a 30% discount.

Wear What When readers may enter ‘seattlemet’ upon checkout and save 30% off their purchase at today, Monday March 8 through Sunday 3/14.

Chelsea Randall: Your collection of organic, easy basics started with the decision to make your family’s life greener. You began choosing local, organic food and non-toxic household cleaners; how is it that designing women’s apparel become the next step?
Sara Seumae: Clothing, which takes up the most real estate on my body and is in direct contact with my pores all day long, is often infested with pesticides. I started researching the apparel market and realized that my clothes damaged the earth and made farmers and factory workers really sick. My parents taught me that if I see a need for something, why not be the one to make it a reality?

CR: Spun gets that “I look nice but didn’t try too hard” thing right. It’s full of classic styles and everyday basics.
SS: Since I only use organic cotton fabrics, you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning or wrinkling. You can dress the pieces up for a night out or dress them down with jeans or yoga pants. I don’t really have a fashion background, so it’s much easier for me to design based on what my customer wants without having my ego get in the way. My favorite piece is probably our tank; it’s longer than any I’ve seen and cut in a way that flatters a woman’s body.

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