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Price Range: $100

A special Saucony sneaker makes a sneak attack in Ballard.

By Caitlin King February 18, 2010

New series by Chelsea Randall … what’s your price range?

Inspired by a popular graphic novel series, these limited-run Sauconys, exclusive to the Sneakery in Ballard, put a kick in epic mythology and pre-spring hangout nights.

The Lo Pro Red Star sneakers were dreamt up to run right alongside a graphic novel series called The Red Star. The group of stories concerns Military Industrial Sorcery, but … let’s leave that discussion for someone else’s blog.

We like them because there are only 800 pairs. In the world. And the folks in Ballard are the single Northwest retailer carrying them.

While exclusivity typically carries a pretty weighty price tag, these literary, bad-guy-battling runners will only set you back $100.


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