Local Talent

A Fiendish Conversation with Leo Saul Berk

The local artist draws inspiration from his unique childhood home for 'Structure and Ornament' at Frye Art Museum.

06/02/2015 By Seth Sommerfeld

Wedding Wednesday

5 Things to Know About Trumaker

A new type of men’s retailer blends online shopping with a personal touch.

03/18/2015 By Darren Davis


Spring Arts Calendar

There’s no shortage of cultural offerings in Seattle this spring, and for every ageless classic, there’s an up-and-coming fresh upstart itching to improve on the past.

03/02/2015 By Seth Sommerfeld


The JuJu Joint Enterprise

Marcus Charles’s budding e-joint business isn’t just blowing smoke.

03/02/2015 By Angela Cabotaje


Not All Businesses Oppose New Ex-Felon Job Law

Bar and restaurant owner David Meinert says he supports the recent law barring employers from asking about an applicant's criminal history before considering them for a job.

06/19/2013 By David Meinert


Liquor Control Board Should Allow Cities to Petition for Later Bar Hours

Five Point owner Dave Meinert says the debate over later liquor hours should be about local control, not whether later hours (or liquor) are good or bad.

04/27/2012 By David Meinert


Local Progressive Leaders Fail Occupy Seattle

Compare and contrast Seattle to the way other cities have treated the Occupy movement.

10/06/2011 By David Meinert

City Hall

Want Police Reform? Check Cops for Steroids.

If the city is serious about dealing with abuse of power in the Seattle Police Department, they should check police officers for the use of illegal steroids.

02/23/2011 By David Meinert

City Hall

An Adult Conversation about Adult Entertainment and Budget Deficits

Want to save critical social and health programs? It's time to ditch Prohibition-era values.

12/28/2010 By David Meinert

City Hall

Breaking: McGinn's Center Plan Compromise Includes Chihuly, KEXP, Playground and More

Mayor Mike McGinn and other city leaders have brokered a compromise on the Fun Forest replacement at Seattle Center that includes a Chihuly glass art exhibit, new headquarters for KEXP, a playground, and more.

12/15/2010 By David Meinert

City Hall

A Two-State Solution to the Seattle Center Debate

The most interesting part of the Fun Forest Seattle Center report has eluded the local press. That's too bad. Because right there in the report, is an ingenious compromise solution to the polarized Chihuly vs. KEXP mess.

10/12/2010 By David Meinert

Arts & Culture

Last Night

04/17/2010 By David Meinert

Arts & Culture

Last Night

03/28/2010 By David Meinert

Arts & Culture

Hidmo is Home

02/12/2010 By David Meinert