Local Progressive Leaders Fail Occupy Seattle

By David Meinert October 6, 2011

SPD arrest Occupy Seattle protesters yesterday in Westlake Park. Photos by Lummy Lin.

Compare and contrast.

In New York, the national leader of the SEIU promises to have Occupy Wall Street's back.

In Minneapolis, the police and city are allowing Occupy MN to camp overnight in a city plaza.

In Los Angeles, Occupy LA gets rain ponchos from their mayor and an official resolution of support from LA City Council, as well as a council resolution that calls for a vote on a proposal to require the city to to divest from financial institutions that have not cooperated with measures to prevent foreclosures.

But in Seattle, the mayor sends the police to remove protesters and local labor leaders and progressive politicians on City Council stay silent.

WTF is wrong with our local leaders? They seem so spineless and visionless compared to their counterparts in cities we should be leading, not following.

Longtime nightlife industry activist David Meinert owns Big Mario's New York Style Pizza on Capitol Hill and The Five Point Cafe in Belltown. The Five Point provided breakfast for all the protesters this morning. And last night, Big Mario's sent 100 slices of pizza down to Westlake.
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