After several complaints about fights and other bad behavior at V Bar, located on 2nd Ave south of Blanchard in Belltown, problems quickly escalated.

In March, after a fight broke in the bar and spilled out onto the street, the owner of V Bar shot off her gun toward the disturbance. A couple of months later, a patron murdered another patron outside V bar. Then last month, an SPD officer noticed a large fight outside the bar; bar staff and the owner tried to block SPD from entering the business to find a reportedly unconscious patron whom employees had tried to hide.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board, SPD and the Code Compliance Team have been closely monitoring the V-Bar since the March incident.

In the meantime neighboring businesses and residents have been asking the City and WSLCB to take action. Today it finally seems they have.

Someone just texted me from in front of V Bar as they watched a notice of emergency suspension of the bar's liquor license being posted. The suspension is effective immediately.

Check out the official press release from the WSLCB here.

A really interesting part of this story is how it fits into the pro-nightlife stance Mayor Mike McGinn and City Attorney Pete Holmes have taken. In the 10 months our new mayor and city attorney have been in office, they have worked with WSLCB to close V-Bar, Wade's, Club Diamond, and Angie's, definitely the worst clubs in town. These are all places that had serious issues during the administrations of former mayor Greg Nickels and former city attorney Tom Carr that Nickels and Carr did nothing about while they talked loudly about controlling problems with oppressive nightlife ordinances, harassed well-run bars, and wasted tax dollars on actions like Operation Sobering Thought.

At the same time, McGinn and Holmes are supporting the good club/ bar operators that Nickels and Carr harrassed and tried to close. And the nightlife businesses still strongly support McGinn and Holmes, because they, unlike their predecessors, are actually taking action against the unsafe businesses while supporting the good ones that add so much to our culture and economy.

This all should give hope to those who live and work in neighborhoods like Belltown who have been cynical about the new administration. This new way of thinking about nightlife is working; and it's another reason we should all get behind the mayor's Nightlife Initiative.