Retail News

Store Closing: Liave

Owner Cornelia Veit to shutter her brick-and-mortar store in June and go online only.

04/22/2013 By Angela Cabotaje

House Beautiful

Sale: Liave

The West Edge shop's Red Dot sale is a much-anticipated bonanza of home and lifestyle decor.

02/26/2013 By Laura Cassidy


Sale: Liave

Celebrate three years of European gifts and home accessories on Western Avenue.

06/09/2011 By Laura Cassidy


Food Lover’s Guide to Seattle

ANY DAY NOW, one of those glossy food mags is going to latch on to the craze for eating local ingredients and do a nationwide investigation (read: stuff their faces from coast to coast) to determine which city has the best supply of regionally grown and

07/06/2009 By Laura Cassidy and Shauna James With Jessica Voelker, Robbie Corey-Boulet, Will Mari, Chris Nishiwaki, and Britt Olson


Dark and Delicious

Artisan chocolatiers and local confectioneries have delicious sweet nothings in store for Valentine’s Day.

01/24/2009 By Anna Roth


Skin Trade 2.0

On Seattle streets, hookers, johns, and pimps hustle for a buck and cops scramble for a bust. But the scene is fading and migrating to the Internet, where social networking is transforming the world’s oldest profession.

01/07/2009 By L.D. Kirshenbaum


Bedroom Eyes

You resolved to sleep better in ‘09. Here’s how.

01/05/2009 By Christopher Werner


Glass Houses

The perfect summer host is ready to serve mint juleps, mojitos, and merlot. Are you?

12/28/2008 By Anna Roth


Best of the City 2008

Faced with a place that is busting with “bests,” how do we choose what’s the Best of the City? We focus on the new and the newly discovered—183 shops and services, activities and eateries that offer fresh, exciting viewpoints on the city and force us to d

12/28/2008 With Steve Wiecking, Kathryn Robinson, James Ross Gardner, Leah Finn, Laura Cassidy, Ben Schock, Stefan Durham, Christopher Werner, Roger Brooks, Lee Fehrenbacher, Rachelle Robinett, Sarah Anderson, Kelly Huffman, Erin Pursell, Laura Peach, and Wilson Diehl Edited by Jessica Voelker


Seeing Green

Adventure and boogers still abound, but Shrek the Musical aims to be something else: a story with heart.

12/27/2008 By Steve Wiecking


Bare Markets

When it’s too hot to get dressed, don’t.

12/27/2008 By Rachelle Robinett


The Audacity of Mope

After years of political punditry, Kevin Phillips needs a beer.

12/27/2008 By Eric Scigliano


Road Rash

A Microsoftie’s favorite sport is bad for the bones.

12/27/2008 By Lee Fehrenbacher


Shades of Green

Greg Nickels’s Climate Action Plan brought him global glory as “America’s green mayor.” But is it civic transformation or eco-opportunism? We crunch the carbon counts, probe the mayor’s environmental conversion, and suggest some ways to make Seattle clean

12/27/2008 By Bruce Barcott


Kids Are Alright

At these five boutiques, you’re never too young to be stylish.

12/20/2008 By Angela Garbes


True Brew

When It Comes to Craft Beers, Seattle’s Frosty Mug Runneth Over

12/19/2008 By Anna Roth and Jessica Voelker

Past Lives

Home, Sweet Haunt

The bloodcurdling past and spirited present of a grand old Georgetown Victorian.

12/18/2008 By Nena Peltin


Biblio File

Now that you’re older and wiser, hitting the books is actually fun.

12/18/2008 By Ben Schock


Living Large

No space? No problem. Here’s how to make the most of your humble abode.

12/13/2008 By Anna Roth