Power Players

100 of the Most Influential People in Seattle

Our full list of politicians, chefs, scientists, athletes, tech titans, and other local leaders who shape the most vital components of our city.

By Angela Cabotaje, Benjamin Cassidy, Sophie Grossman, Zoe Sayler, Allecia Vermillion, and Allison Williams December 9, 2021

Girmay Zahilay

Girmay Zahilay's shrewd policy-making earned him a spot in our "Rules" section.

We wrote thousands of words about the most influential people in Seattle this year. In pages devoted to the most essential elements of our city, we aimed to capture the effect that everyone from a governor to a bus operator has had on our local culture.

But we get it. Sometimes, like kids scanning class rosters for their friends, we just want to see who's on the list.

So here's the full rundown of power players who made the cut this year. To understand why they were included, click on the section headers for information about each member of these groups.


Artmakers and maestros.

Brandi Carlile
Claudia Castro Luna
Don Mee Choi
Marco Collins
Megan Jasper
Teddy “Stat” Phillips
Steven Severin
Krishna Thiagarajan


Lawmakers and shapers.

Tim Burgess
Shasti Conrad
Dow Constantine
Seferiana Day
Bob Ferguson
M. Lorena González
Bruce Harrell
Jay Inslee
Pramila Jayapal
Teresa Mosqueda
Kshama Sawant
Rachel Smith
Girmay Zahilay


Builders, brokers, and neighborhood advocates.

Rich Barton
Tracy Cornell
Colleen Echohawk
Ada M. Healey
Tod Leiweke
Nicole Macri
Donna Moodie
Julia Nagele
Estela Ortega
Gordon Padelford
Evelyn Shapiro
Maiko Winkler-Chin


Tech titans and business boosters.

Tom Alberg
Laura Clise
Maria Colacurcio
Chris Gregoire
Andy Jassy
Trish Millines Dziko
Satya Nadella
Dan Price
Brad Smith


Palate pleasers.

Caitlin Braam
Mark and Brian Canlis
Emme Collins
J. Kenji López-Alt
Shota Nakajima
Yenvy Pham
Geoffrey Barker and Andrew Pogue
Paul Zitarelli


Idea-shifters and conversation starters.

Deaunte Damper
Robin DiAngelo
Cecile Hansen
Brandi Kruse
Nikkita Oliver
Ijeoma Oluo
Omari Salisbury
Dan Savage
Kate Starbird
Lindy West


Style mavens.

Clara Berg
Adria Garcia
Faris Du Graf
Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez
Olivia Kim
Susie Plummer
Luly Yang



The Schultzes
The Weyerhaeusers
The Pigotts
The Ballmers
The Raikeses
The Nordstroms
The couple previously known as the Gateses
The couple previously known as the Bezoses


Health and climate champions.

David Baker
Trevor Bedford
Helen Chu
Larry Corey
Ben Danielson
Kemi Doll
Jeff Duchin
Abigail Echo-Hawk
Hilary Franz
Jamal Raad


Athletes, adventure-seekers, and travel buffs.

Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe
Dongho Chang
Sam Cho
Lee Jacobson
Sally Jewell
Jill Simmons
Rick Steves
Nathan Vass
Doc Wilson
Russell Wilson

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