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Is Amazon’s NYC Pullout Good for Seattle?

After a less-than-warm HQ2 reception from New York, Jeff Bezos calls the whole thing off.

By Gwen Hughes April 23, 2019 Published in the May 2019 issue of Seattle Met

“I don’t think [HQ2] would have affected our own plight much. I think the idea of an HQ2 was a sort of ploy to strike fear into the hearts of Seattleites…it was always an implicit threat like, ‘We’ll just pull out and move to New York.’”

—Brett Hamil, comedian and host, The Seattle Process

“I hope it’s a positive thing. I hope that our city wants to be collaborative…not give away the farm to Amazon but wants to work with them and emphasize that we want to be the global headquarters.”

—Mellina White Cusack, founder, The Seattle Conservative

“The fact that the working people of New York were able to win this victory should be, I think, the first step to fight against corporate domination in every city. In Seattle this should send [the] message that we should renew our movement to tax Amazon and other big businesses.”

—Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council member

“I don’t think the decision will impact Seattle. Amazon is...going to diversify into other locations. What I hope: Seattle [doesn’t] begin to adopt policies similar to New York. Seattle is thriving because of companies like Amazon.”

—John Connors, managing partner, Ignition Partners venture capital firm

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