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 1. State senator Pramila Jayapal (D-37, Southeast Seattle), who’s running for retiring U.S. representative Jim McDermott’s (D-WA, 7) seat against two other Democrats, won the sole endorsement of the Washington State Labor Council this weekend. She’s running against King County council member Joe McDermott and state representative Brady Walkinshaw (D-43, Capitol Hill.)

In other races where a couple of Democrats are in the mix, the labor council went with state senator Cyrus Habib (over fellow Democratic state senators Karen Fraser and Steve Hobbs) for lieutenant governor and King County Council member Dave Upthegrove (over Futurewise director Hilary Franz) for public lands commissioner.  

2. For his part, Walkinshaw (D-43, Captiol Hill),  was one vote short of scoring a big win in the 46th Legislative District last night. The North Seattle Democrats held their endorsement meeting this weekend, and in the race for Jim McDermott’s seat, Walkinshaw got 59 percent (47 votes) to Jayapals’ 41 percent (33 votes.) Candidate’s need 60 percent for the sole endorsement, so the group issued a dual endorsement for the two candidates.

Joe McDermott was ousted after the first round after only getting four votes to Walkinshaw’s initial 40 votes and Jayapal’s 33 votes.

Walkinshaw also won the endorsement of the King County Young Democrats this weekend.

All three candidates also spoke at the 7th Congressional District caucus at North Seattle College this weekend (where Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders national delegate hopefuls gave their pitches for the eight Sanders spots and four Clinton spots.) Jayapal, who’s been endorsed by Sanders, was greeted with raucous applause.

3. The caucus goers also chose an Electoral College member—each Congressional District gets one EC member. An interesting divide emerged between candidates for the spot who played to the heavy Sanders crowd in the room by intimating that they would write in Sanders’ name and those, mostly Clinton supporters, who talked about uniting the Party.

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The person who won, an African American man named Chris Porter who was decked out in Bernie Sanders pajamas and a Hillary Clinton T-shirt and big plastic glasses, stressed unity. He was a Sanders supporter.