Protesters move through traffic on 5th

Protesters enter Westlake center

Protesters ride escalators up to top floor

Protesters occupy top floor of Westlake center chanting "black lives matter"

Protesters on top floor of Westlake center

Black Friday shopping at Westlake center is disrupted

Protesters moving up Pine

Protesters stop briefly over I-5 to reconnect with separated group.

Protester beats on make-shift drum at Broadway & Pine

Protesters chant at Broadway & Pine

Protesters kneel for silent vigil at Broadway & Pine

Protesters moving down Pike

Protesters link arms moving down Pike

Girl in traffic watches from car as protesters move up Pine

Protesters kneel before police barricade at Pike & Boren

Protesters deploy umbrella's to protect against peppery spray

Protester stares down Police at Pike & Boren

Protesters finally break through police barricades and disrupt Westlake Center tree lighting

Black friday shoppers watch protesters enter Pacific Place mall

Protesters occupy Westlake Mall for a second time during tree lighting disruption


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