1. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports that the longshore union lost another round in its lawsuit against the SoDo arena proposal; the union contended that the official study of proposed stadium sites was stacked in favor of the SoDo site. The union opposes a new arena in SoDo because they believe it will disrupt freight mobility.  

In related news, Chris Hansen, the San Francisco hedge fund manager who pushed the SoDo deal (in limbo now that the Kings are staying in Sacramento) has agreed to pay $50,000 over his illegal contribution to a Sacramento ballot initiative against a Sacramento stadium. 

2. Crosscut has the news that Republicans in Olympia are cueing up a new bill that would allow businesses to cite religious reasons for refusing to serve customers; the bill, for example, would allow florists to refuse to do gay weddings and allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense emergency contraception.

The legislature passed a gay rights bill in 2006 that outlaws businesses from discriminating against gays. Meanwhile, religious pharmacists are currently suing the state over Pharmacy Board rules mandating that pharmacies dispense emergency contraception.

 Late in the 2013 session, the Republicans proposed a similar bill that would have allowed florists to refuse to serve gay couples. The bill didn't go anywhere.  

3. As the the public begins weighing in on the waterfront proposal (see today's PubliCalendar), Seattle's pro-ped blog, Feet First, condemns the proposed design for  featuring an eight lane highway along the waterfront.

They write:

The current design proposal for the redone Alaskan Way calls for a multi-lane roadway.  At the south end of the waterfront near Pioneer Square, the proposed roadway is well over 100 feet wide spanning eight lanes of traffic. This would include four general purpose traffic lanes, two transit lanes, and two left-turn queuing lanes for ferry traffic entering the Colman Street terminal. The great width of this roadway effectively creates a pedestrian barrier separating Pioneer Square and the Seattle Waterfront.  This crossing distance will seriously impair the connection between the city and its waterfront.


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