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By Morning Fizz October 31, 2012

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1. We didn't do an Afternoon Jolt yesterday, but we should have: Yesterday's big winner: Seattle Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton. Tarleton is running for the open seat in the 36th Legislative District (Ballard, Queen Anne).

Lefties, who support Tarleton's opponent Noel Frame, have been coming after Tarleton with an independent expenditure ad that, among other things, hits Tarleton for watering down Port legislation to lower truck emissions. 

Yesterday, a 300-page report found that trucking emissions at the Port are down. According to the Seattle Times

On Tuesday, a new detailed survey of air emissions showed the most dangerous type of pollution associated with the maritime industry — the tiny toxic particles found in diesel exhaust — had declined 16 percent overall since 2005.

Tougher federal standards on fuel and engine types — combined with incentive programs adopted by agencies such as the Port of Seattle — are dramatically reducing air pollution across the region's maritime industry.

The toxic exhaust from heavy trucks is down more than 50 percent, while exhaust from trains serving the ports is down a quarter. Diesel emissions from oceangoing ships — far and away the single dirtiest sector of the shipping industry, accounting for more than 60 percent of the marine industry's air pollution — are down 16 percent.

KUOW also has a glowing story on the report. Win one for Tarleton.

(PubliCola has endorsed Frame, and at the time, we also criticized Tarleton's compromise emissions bill. Ha. Maybe we're the Jolt losers.)

2. And some more fallout from yesterday. We were pretty obsessed with our story about Attorney General Rob McKenna's trip to Anaheim, California (he stayed at the Disney Grand Californian Hotel to attend the Western Conference of Attorneys General summer meeting—and also hold a campaign fundraiser—on the public's dime.)

We talked to Melanie de Leon, Executive Director of the Washington State Executive Ethics Board, about the trip; in addition to taking advantage of a publicly funded trip to do a fundraiser at the hotel, McKenna also brought his family along for a Disneyland vacation, though the only thing the public paid for on that front was McKenna's wife's lodging.

De Leon told us she had no qualms with the trip, legally or ethically. 

Here's the messy thing, though. According to the Executive Ethics Board flow chart, de Leon works directly under McKenna and his Deputy Chief of Staff, Hunter Goodman.

Messier: Goodman went on the Anaheim trip with McKenna. (We also talked to a political ethicist about the trip, and she raised a lot of good questions.)

3. As for Fizz's daily check on last-minute contributions: The biggest one of the day? The Washington State Democrats reported a $25,000 contribution to their attorney general candidate Bob Ferguson yesterday.

Though before you Democrats start getting extra nervous—they actually made the contribution a week ago.

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