Today's winner: Suzan DelBene

Democrat Suzan DelBene goes into tonight's Skagit County debate with Republican John Koster in front of the Skagit Business Alliance as the very slight frontrunner.  The DC paper Roll Call released its congressional election ratings this afternoon.

And the DelBene/Koster race, they say, leans Democratic. (They rate the only other somewhat meaningfully contested congressional race in Washington State, the race for US Rep. Norm Dicks' (D-WA, 6) open seat, as "Likely Democratic." Democratic State Sen. Derek Kilmer is running against Republican businessman Bill Driscoll.)

Based on Roll Call's explanation for "Leans Democratic"—"the Democratic nominee has the edge, but the contest is competitive and one or both parties are spending money on the race"—it probably doesn't sound like a very convincing Jolt for DelBene.

But pay attention. The focus on money gives DelBene an edge.

DelBene, a former Microsoft exec and online entrepreneur, has already loaned herself $1.9 million out of $2.4 million raised. (And there's more where that came from. With a net worth of $53 million, DelBene downloaded $2.3 million of her own money into her 2010 run against US Rep. Dave Reichert.) She also has $300,000 on hand.

Koster has raised $490,000 and has $100,000 cash on hand.

Today's loser: Single-occupant vehicles. 

We're making SOVs today's loser on the basis of a city council resolution condemning a proposed second bridge across the Montlake Cut that would create new lanes for general-purpose traffic without---at least according to a study by city transportation consultant Nelson/Nygaard---improving conditions for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders. That study, as we reported two weeks ago, also concluded that the existing Montlake Bridge hasn’t reached its full car capacity, that bridge openings are declining, and that “there is no direct relationship”  between slow transit service and bridge openings.
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