John Urquhart's Greatest Hits

By Erica C. Barnett April 19, 2012

In honor of the news that former King County Sheriff's Department spokesman John Urquhart---known for sending out quirky press releases unlike those from any other government communications office---plans to run for sheriff against recently appointed Sheriff Steve Strachan, here's a brief, by-no-means-comprehensive list of some of our favorite Urquhart press releases from the past few years.
Officer-Involved Shooting Update

The suspect who died as a result of a police shooting in Seattle on Sunday physically attacked one of the detectives, for whatever reason actually bypassing the 2nd detective who was closer to him.

Palm Print Search for Bad Guys

All we ever here these days is DNA...DNA...DNA! Frankly, it’s starting to get on our nerves!

Big News! Guess who's on Facebook?

After much thought, the Sheriff's Office has come to the conclusion that Facebook might not be just a passing fad after all.....and has jumped into the digital age with both feet!

We’ve got a Facebook account!

“This gives us another exciting opportunity to communicate with citizens”, said Sheriff Sue Rahr. “And for them to communicate with us!”, she added. “I know we are not the first police agency to have a ‘Facebook page’, but at least we are not the last!”

(Actually, we probably are the last. But who’s counting?)

Never Mind--Missing Man Found

Disregard. He’s found and fine.

Blood, blood, and more blood

There will be a special prize to whoever donates the most!

"Fireworks" is not a strong enough word

I’m told the suspect’s name is “3-Fingers Pete”. (Don’t use that!)

Burien dead man burglarized

Really re-affirms one’s faith in humanity!


“Snakes don't attack, unless they're provoked.”

Not dogs, the carcasses are...

Read the press release for the answer! [The answer: They were raccoons.]

Friday night corrections

I’m told the bodies were actually found on March 10th, not the 11th.

The correct e-mail address for tips is [email protected]

Luckily I always take my Fridays with a grain of salt. Plus a slice of lime and a shot of tequila. So it should all be better soon!

Anybody know how to type?

My earlier press release about the fatal stabbing at the Red Dog said the condition of the surviving victim was “known”. While that is probably technically true, his condition is “unknown” to me. That's how it should have read.

I regret this latest error.

This case has it all!

Home invasion. A 92 year-old man who lives alone. Lived in same house for 35+ years. Tied up and robbed. Frees himself by chewing through his restraints. Robbers steal his pick-up truck that has not been found.

The case has COPS reenactment written all over it!

Sadly however, the victim is not doing interviews.

And, the best press release headline ever:
Here's the latest on the skull.
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