Today's winner: Uninsured and underinsured Seattle residents.

City Council member Tom Rasmussen wants the city of Seattle to join a National League of Cities program that gives residents in participating cities a discount on prescription drugs that aren't covered by insurance. The program wouldn't benefit people with insurance that covers their prescriptions, but it would give a discount---usually around 20 percent---on prescription drugs for uninsured people or people with prescriptions their insurance doesn't cover.

The program would work much like a grocery store membership program: Participants would get a card (or print one out at home) and show it to the pharmacist when they pick up their prescription. If the drug is on the discount list (a Rasmussen staffer says he does not know yet which drugs will be on the list or how pharmacies will decide which drugs to discount), and it isn't covered by insurance, the participant will get an automatic discount from the brand price of the drug.

Rasmussen's office expects the city will be able to start distributing cards as early as next month.
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