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The Bush Twins

By Morning Fizz November 10, 2011

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1. Morning Fizz, which is almost always exclusively focused on local politics, was looking for an excuse to write about the Tom Nissley phenomenon. And we found it. Nissley is a former 36th District Democrats Precinct Committee Officer.

Crown Hill resident Nissley, you may remember from late last year, is the the third highest Jeopardy! winner in history. He took in $235,000 after an eight-game run in December.

Well, he's back on the show in this year's tournament of champs. And in last night's semi-final round (he won the quarter finals last week), he went on a dominating and breathtaking  run during the synapse-strangling "Before-During-and-After" category. Cool Tom hit it with answers such as: "Pete Best in show me the money" and "Eminent Domain name that tune." He's on to the finals now—going for a $250,000 cash prize.

Tom and two other brainiacs will test their wits over two nights of non-stop Jeopardy! starting next Monday, November 14.

The former Democratic PCO did miss one question last night, though. He couldn't remember the names of both Bush Twins. Nissley could only name Barbara, the one who went to Yale and came out in support of gay marriage in New York earlier this year.

2. The Jay Inslee campaign had to correct its twitter account this morning after they goofed up (a volunteer set it up) and the GOP caught them following an "internet modeling" account under the profile name: "Hereforyou30."

You can see "Hereforyou30's" profile pic below dressed in the thong.

Inslee is no longer following the account.

3. Although Jean Godden remains comfortably ahead in her race for reelection (overall, Godden has 53.10 percent to challenger Bobby Forch's 46.5 percent), within the batch of about 12,700 ballots posted yesterday, Forch came much closer, with Godden getting 49.94 percent to Forch's 49.61 percent, a 45-vote margin.

Overall, Godden remains 5,911 votes ahead of Forch, with a total of 89,259 votes counted.

4. Erica will be on Seattle Channel's City/Inside Out tomorrow (7:30 on cable Channel 21 and online here), along with KIRO's Dave Ross, the Seattle Times' Lynne Varner, and the AP's Chris Grygiel, talking about this week's state and local elections.

5. Yesterday, Erica highlighted some election results from around the state, but here are two more that we forgot to mention:

A) Clark County passed a sales tax increase to prevent 35 percent cuts in mass transit service. The vote, 53-47, triggers a three-step process—including another vote to pay for light rail operations (the feds are supposedly covering capital costs) and tolling approval from Olympia—for getting light rail and a new bridge in Vancouver.

B) Whatcom's Chapter Director for Futurewise—the scrappy grassroots group that fights in Olympia and in court to protect the Growth Management Act—ousted an incumbent to win a seat on the Bellingham City Council. Cathy Lehman, running on an urban density message and protecting Lake Whatcom from stupid-growth, won with 65 percent of the vote.
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