Morning Fizz

First Annual Primary Election Mailer Awards

Banks wins for best double message, Sawant wins for best message

07/22/2015 By Josh Feit

Afternoon Jolt

Muni League Rates Candidates, Veteran Godden and Socialist Sawant Score Lowest of Incumbents

Four candidates, including newcomers Gonzalez and Johnson, Rated Outstanding

07/06/2015 By Josh Feit

Afternoon Jolt

Murray Puts Hold on Roosevelt Park, Wants Affordable Housing Back in the Mix

Murray says there's an opportunity in Roosevelt for a "broader investment."

05/08/2015 By Josh Feit

Morning Fizz

Jean Godden's Simultaneous Likes and Dislikes

Caffeinated news featuring waffling, divesting, and policing

05/01/2015 By Josh Feit

Morning Fizz

Council Candidates Spar and Council Members Spar

Caffeinated news featuring lightning rounds, kickoffs, and federal legislation

04/30/2015 By Josh Feit

Morning Fizz

Fourth District Council Candidates Take On Godden Tonight

Incumbent Godden faces off against three challengers tonight at Roosevelt High School.

04/29/2015 By Josh Feit

Morning Fizz

Bagshaw Pushes Back on Sawant

Caffeinated news featuring city council fisticuffs

04/28/2015 By Josh Feit

Morning Fizz

Council Applicant Game Theory and the Honorable Mentions

Caffeinated news featuring more tallies on filling the council vacancy

04/23/2015 By Josh Feit

Morning Fizz

Democrats Call for "Fair and Balanced" Hearings, Another Murray Staffer Leaves

Caffeinated news featuring grumpy Democrats in Olympia, musical chairs in Seattle

03/23/2015 By Josh Feit


Friday Likes and Dislikes: Passive-Aggressive About Affordable Housing in Roosevelt

Caffeinated news featuring a dumb joke, a cool contest, and a poetic delay

03/20/2015 By Josh Feit

One Question

One Question for the Mayor: Did He Send Godden to Shut Down Sawant Amendment?

Murray's awkward alliance with Jean Godden

03/04/2015 By Josh Feit

Morning Fizz

"There's a Lesson to be Learned."

Is the region ready to take its cue from Seattle on transportation funding?

11/17/2014 By Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: U.S. Rep. DelBene's UPS Stunt

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring donning UPS brown, losing money, and losing Jim Compton.

03/19/2014 By Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Torturous Practice

Cafffeinated News & Gossip featuring borderline child abuse, last-minute concerns, money, and sunsets.

02/14/2014 By Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: To Be Candid

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring the streetcar, towing fees, and hot water.

03/05/2013 By Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz

Hedging Their Bets

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring: Political expectations, political donations, political fabrications, and more.

08/07/2012 By Morning Fizz

On Other Blogs

On Other Blogs Today: The Seattle Storm, the Arena, Jay Inslee, Rob McKenna, and More

TODAY'S ROUNDUP: Jean Godden defends the Storm; the Seattle Times explains the arena; the Herald has a primer on the weird election to succeed Jay Inslee for a month; and McKenna voted against Reagan in college.

07/16/2012 By Erica C. Barnett


Tuesday Jolt: Two Council Members Fined by Ethics Commission

Two city council members get fined by the city's ethics commission for failing to report debts during their 2011 reelection campaigns.

01/03/2012 By Erica C. Barnett


Forch Concedes

Jean Godden challenger Bobby Forch concedes.

11/21/2011 By Erica C. Barnett


Friday Jolt: Jean Godden, Bobby Forch, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Ed Murray

Today's winners & losers. You decide.

11/18/2011 By Afternoon Jolt