Morning Fizz: Caffeinated News & Gossip

By Josh Feit March 3, 2009


1. Local musician Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger) is in Washington, DC today with an organization called Music First.
Nelson and two other fellows from the music industry, including local studio owner Glenn Lorbecki, are lobbying for a bill that would make FM and AM radio stations pay a license fee, or royalty, to performers. Currently, these corporate radio stations only have to pay a royalty to songwriters. Nelson is meeting with Senator Patty Murray's office, Senator Maria Cantwell's office, and Rep. Jay Inslee's office about the bill.

(UPDATE: Got an "!!!" text from Nelson who says he's only five feet away from Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Sam Moore —of Sam & Dave fame—who's also lobbying with Music First.)


2. U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA, 8) broke party ranks last week by voting for the ominbus appropriations act,
a $410 billion spending bill that's sending millions to Washington state. Rep. Reichert was one of only 16 Republicans (and the only one from the Washington state delegation) to vote 'Yea' in the 245-178 vote. 

 Without districts to guide them, City Council wannabes—there are 12 filed to run right now—divine which seat to run for based on what their consultant says. (Consultants base the decision on whom else they're working for—like maybe the incumbent—and what their competitor consultants are telling their candidates).

Or candidates figure it out by flipping a coin—as rumor has it Robert Ronsencrantz and Sally Bagshaw did to decide which one would run for Jan Drago's open seat. Bagshaw reportedly won the toss.

4. Rumors that KC Exec Ron Sims' chief of staff, Kurt Triplett, has a lock on the gig to replace Sims as the interim Executive are premature. Although, Triplett did get the endorsement of county workers—The King County Labor Coalition—yesterday.
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