1. Mayor Mike McGinn briefs the City Council this morning on his proposed $241 million sea wall bond proposal.

Fizz is hearing reports that there's a robo poll in the field right now on the sea wall bond, along with a light rail levy in November ($2 billion) and an education levy next year.

Quick advice to the McGinn squad: Time to switch from campaign mode to governing mode.

2. The bill to expand what counts as renewable energy—altering voter-approved I-937 (passed in 2006 to promote alternative energy sources like solar and wind power)— is scheduled for a public hearing in the state House today.

I-937 mandated that 15 percent of a utility's power come from renewable energy by 2020. Under consideration for what can count as renewable energy: Conservation measures.

In the Senate they're hearing the education reform bill.

3. Rolling Stone published a must-read cover story this month on the prospects (bad) that President Obama will deliver on sweeping carbon cap legislation.

Not surprising, lefty Rolling Stone casts U.S. Rep Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1) as one of the good guys in the fight. And he gets the lead quote
"We are in a race against time," says Rep. Jay Inslee, a Democrat from Washington who has fought for sharp reductions in planet-warming pollution. "Mother Nature isn't sitting around waiting for us to get our political act together."

Inslee also calls the energy industry's lobbying tactics—they used forged documents and outright false numbers on how much the bill would cost the average rate payer—"old tobacco tactics, pure and simple." Meaning: They lied.

Cola coverage of Rep. Inslee's role is here. We certainly gave Rep. Inslee props, but we're not quite as glowy on him as RS.

4. PubliCola's one-year anniverary party is this Wednesday night at the Crocodile. It's free. Doors at 6.

We are beside ourselves to report that THEESatisfaction is visiting us from the future of hip-hop to headline the show.

We’ll also be revealing the results of our latest, exclusive PubliCola/Precision polling.

5. Erica's post on Mayor McGinn's proposed staff cuts is at nearly 130 comments. Join the discussion.
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