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1. City Council member Mike O'Brien took to Facebook this weekend to denounce his council colleague Jean Godden for her recent mail piece against her challenger Bobby Forch.

The mailer, among other charges about Forch's "lack of it" [integrity], accuses Forch of having "abused his own sick leave [from his job at the city] in order to campaign."

O'Brien, who has endorsed Forch, is incensed by Godden's accusation, and he used his FB status on Sunday to  give Forch's side of the story: Forch was caring for his sick mother.
Hi Friends - If you have not yet voted, I want you to know that I have endorsed Bobby Forch and hope you will vote for him too. A few days ago, the Godden campaign sent out a campain mailer accusing Bobby of inappropriately using his sick leave from the city of Seattle where he currently works. What they didn't tell you (but they knew) was that Bobby used that leave to care for his 81 year old mother who was on a ventilator. Yes, politics can get dirty, but this goes too far and should not be rewarded. Please Vote for Bobby Forch.

Godden's mailer, by the way, also accuses Forch of getting cited and fined by the Seattle Ethics and Election Commission for  "campaign finance violations intended to prevent voters from discovering who was funding his campaign."[pullquote]It's a nice attempt to tie Forch to the kind of  post-Citizens' United shenanigans liberal Seattle voters detest, but it's not accurate. [/pullquote]

It's a nice attempt to tie Forch to the kind of  post-Citizens' United shenanigans that liberal Seattle voters are familiar with and detest, but it's not accurate.

The SEEC did ding Forch. But not for covert Karl-Rove-style politics. Forch was not cited for failing to report a secret contribution; he was fined about $50 for a missing report on an expenditure thanks to a late invoice from his paid consultant John Wyble.

Forch responded to the mailer on his own web site, saying, in part, that "to pull one line from one email out of context in his twenty year career is beneath the dignity of a Seattle campaign."

Previously, Godden's campaign reportedly peddled a story to news outlets and political groups about another one of her opponents, King County deputy prosecutor Maurice Classen. Classen's father stabbed his mother to death in a domestic violence incident, and Classen testified that he had issues with mental illness that warranted leniency in sentencing. Godden's pitch to news outlets was that Classen's testimony showed he didn't adequately support victims of domestic violence.

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2. Erica and Josh will be making their election predictions soon enough, but Fizz hears internal polling on I-1183, Costco's liquor privatization measure, shows it winning comfortably.

Costco has contributed more than $20 million to the effort.

3. Speaking of liquor sales: 114 mayors statewide, including Mayor Mike McGinn, signed a letter to Gov. Chris Gregoire last week protesting Gregoire's proposal to stop sharing liquor tax revenue with cities.

If Gregoire's proposal stands—the state tried to implement the same policy last session, but failed to do—Seattle would be out $7 million. The money helps fight problems associated with alcohol abuse. The cut, the mayors said, was "unacceptable."
We in cities and towns understand the state’s serious budget dilemma and sympathize with the difficulties you face. However, we are extremely disappointed to see the depth and breadth of your “preliminary choice” budget cuts targeting cities and towns. These deep cuts are intolerable and, we feel, do not reflect our longstanding partnership. For example, eliminating the distribution of state liquor taxes and profits after over 70 years of continuous sharing ... [is] unacceptable.

4. The AP ran a story on Friday saying the state ended the fiscal year in June $90 million in the red. However, the Office of Financial Management issued a response over the weekend claiming the AP story took the budget numbers out of context.

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