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By Josh Feit February 13, 2009


1. Rumor in Olympia: The Democrats are going to stick with Governor Gregoire's all-cuts budget, but then send a massive tax and spend referendum to the voters. 

2. The Seattle School Board passed a resolution this week endorsing the  big education reform bill
  that's been proposed in Olympia. The bill, based on the recommendations of the education task force that was created by the legislature in 2007, has 15 bipartisan co-sponsors in the senate and 37 bi-partisan co-sponsors in the house.  But the teachers union does not like the bill (there's a quasi merit-pay provision) and so, the bill isn't going to make it past Democratic leadership in tact. 

3. Local Sierra Club leader (and maybe-mayoral candidate), Mike McGinn, 


is the same person as outspoken enviro State Rep. Hans Dunshee (D-44, Lake Stevens).


It's not just that they're both cheerful big dudes with beards. But they're both totally trying to save the planet.

PS to Mike and Hans: If you guys haven't met yet, you should. It's crazy.  

4. At last night's PubliCola editorial meeting, SportsNerd got on the floor and demonstrated a UFC move—"side control"—on an empty bottle of Corona Extra.
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