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By Josh Feit March 13, 2009

fizz291. From the Facebooks: After cut off ended in Olympia yesterday ("cut off" being the last day to move bills out of the state House or Senate), State Rep. Dave Upthegrove (D-33, Burien) updated his Facebooks status, writing: "Dave Upthegrove spent the past few days watching good progressive bills die on the floor calendar because we couldn't get 50 Democrats to vote for them (despite having 62...)"


The House failed to pass things like:  a bill to make it illegal to discriminate against section 8 housing tenants; a bill—which PubliCola has been obsessed with—to promote density and affordable housing around transit stations; a bill to regulate gun sales at gun shows; and a bill to decriminalize marijuana. 

2. Speaking of the transit station bill: Earlier in the session, PubliCola derisively called old-school lefty housing activist John Fox (who led the fight against the bill) "Seattle's Ralph Nader." This week, as the bill went down, Erica C. Barnett published an excellent story on Fox in the Stranger, where she writes more explicitly: "Fox and his Displacement Coalition are no longer serving the interests of low-income people." 

3. Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48, Bellevue, Redmond, Clyde Hill) added a substantive amendment about education requirements to the otherwise underwhelming education reform bill in Olympia as the House upgraded the Senate version at the 12th-hour last night, passing it 71-26.

4. The  Seattle Times had the news yesterday that Duke Moscrip, owner of Seattle's Duke's Chowderhouse chain, is looking to run for mayor.

5. And more from the Facebooks (and speaking of disappointed Democrats): Spokane business big wig—and former candidate for U.S. Congress—Democrat Don Barbieri, left this comment on Senate Majority Leader Sen. Lisa Brown's Facebooks page last night: 

Don Barbieri at 8:30pm March 12

I think you gutted 937 Lisa...sorry, bad decision...I worked hard on that initiative. I love your leadership, think you are wrong on this one! I'm also really sad the house didn't get the ju-ju to bring HB 1490 to a vote on smart transit oriented communities. you and I know we'll have one million people in the Spokane - Couer d'Alene metro area by 2025 and we need to get way ahead of this to save our growth management area, bring affordable housing to transit & get our communites the leadership for walking, biking, out of the car dominated solutions. Bring this bill back up in the Senate Lisa. Of course I'll buy you a beer when we disagree and I do!


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