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On his blog today, city council member Tim Burgess posted this photo of a budget hearing last night, featuring several ardent advocates for the Chinatown/ID community center.

The council is listening to public testimony. Most of them, anyway.

But wait ... What's that on council president Richard Conlin's screen?

Let's zoom in a little closer:

That does, indeed, appear to be Major League Baseball on Conlin's screen.

So here's our question: Which game was Conlin watching?

Detroit vs. New York?

Philadelphia vs. St. Louis?

Milwaukee vs. Arizona?

Texas vs. Tampa Bay?

We have a call out to Conlin on this important developing story.

UPDATE: Question answered. Conlin says he was watching an application called Gameday that updates the action on the computer periodically. "I am rooting for the Tigers (lived for 12 years in Michigan!), and was very disappointed they lost last night," Conlin says.

(Burgess, for his part, says he didn't realize the photo showed Conlin checking baseball scores, and said Conlin was "very involved" in last night's budget hearing. This is the first year city council members' seats at the dais are equipped with wifi.)
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