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•Initiative hawker Tim Eyman sent out a press blast today touting a "thorough analysis" of his anti-tolling initiative, I-1125, by the Washington Policy Center today, calling the free-market think tank's report a "thoughtful," "welcome," and "professional" look at the initiative, which would bar tolling on I-90 and effectively prohibit light rail to the Eastside.

The analysis, unsurprisingly for a conservative think tank, comes down sharply in favor of the initiative ("People naturally see the diversion of toll revenue [to non-highway purposes such as transit] as unfair") and against light rail across I-90, which, the report concludes, "would negatively affect mobility and hurt the economy across Washington."

One thing Eyman neglected to mention, though: One of the most prominent members of the WPC's board is none other than Kemper Freeman, the Bellevue megadeveloper who has poured more than $1 million in to the "Yes on I-1125" campaign.

•On Sunday, when many public officials were hosting memorial services for the tenth anniversary of 9/11, city council member Bruce Harrell took a different tack, inviting people to his campaign headquarters for a "Patriot Day Voter Drive," at which unregistered citizens can register to vote---presumably for Harrell.

•The reports that US Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1), who's running for governor, raised more than $500,000 in August. Meanwhile, his Republican opponent, state Attorney General Rob McKenna, has reported spending nearly $350,000 to Inslee's $128,000.