The John T. Williams Memorial Event will take place Tuesday, August 30th, from 3:30 to 5:30 PM at the Seattle Waterfront Park.

Today marks one year since former SPD officer Ian Birk fatally shot Native American carver John T. Williams. This past year has produced plenty of outrage, blame, heated hearings, and Birk's resignation, but when's all been said and done there are no winners in this tragedy.

However, today's memorial ceremony will hopefully bring some peace by closing this contentious chapter with a tribute.

The ceremony will feature the traditional music and prayers of Williams' Ditidaht tribe and guest speakers from the City of Seattle. It will also double as a blessing ceremony and improptu fundraiser for the two memorial totem poles carved by Williams' brothers.

KUOW has a piece that really does justice to the totem pole project here. And be sure to check out the official Facebook event.

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