C.R. Douglas Nominated for Three Emmys

By Afternoon Jolt April 15, 2011

Today's winner: Seattle Channel host C.R. Douglas

The Seattle Channel announced today that it received 17 Emmy nominations from the Northwest Chapter of National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS), including three nominations for PubliCola fave C.R. Douglas, host of the show Seattle Inside/Out, where he interviews local politicians and pundits every week in addition to moderating a seemingly endless string of public forums on local political issues.

C.R. has a no-nonsense, straightforward style; instead of the typical rapid-fire sound-bite friendly style of most local TV news show hosts, his questions are thoughtful, direct, and, most importantly, well-informed. For a show about the mayor's relationship with the council, for example, he might ask why McGinn hasn't been more collaborative with the council on the issue of the seawall. For a show about McGinn's Seattle-only light rail proposal, he might ask a question about the city's bonding capacity.

And when people's answers don't make a lot of sense, Douglas, as charming as he is with his guests, isn't afraid to challenge them with follow-ups. For example, during PubliCola's "War on Cars" forum in February, when Forward Seattle's Joe Quintana called bike and transit proponents "transportation jihadists [who want everyone to live in condos," Douglas had no patience for the disingenuous rhetoric. "It's not a jihad, is it, Joe?" he said rhetorically, his voice dripping with skepticism.

We've often wondered why in the world one of the local network affiliates doesn't snap C.R. up. Maybe it's because he isn't willing to compromise and ask the kind of simplistic questions that lend themselves to 60-second segments. At any rate, we're glad to have him at the Seattle Channel---asking the tough questions, getting even the most guarded guests to open up, and, we hope, winning national recognition (again) for doing so.
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