1. On SeattlePI.com's Strange Bedfellows blog, Chris Grygiel reports on a poll by SurveyUSA  about the new law that makes texting while driving a primary offense in Washington. Only 60 percent of those who responded to the poll said they'll obey the law.

2. The West Seattle Blog reports on a new contender for King County Executive Dow Constantine's old King County Council seat. Former Seattle City Council Member Jan Drago is temporarily holding the seat. And state Sen. Joe McDermott (D-34, W. Seattle) is the heir apparent.

3. WashACE blog points its readers to a Washington Research Council study showing that the proposed high-earners income tax would actually make Washington State's revenue system less stable. That's opposite effect of what proponents of the initiative say the tax would do.

Even more surprising: The findings of a commission studying tax alternatives in Washington led by William H. Gates, Sr.—a vocal supporter of the high earners' income tax—in 2002 seems to back up the WRC's claim.

4. The Olympian's Brad Shannon—along with everyone else under the sun—wrote about Dino Rossi running as a Republican this year instead of listing his party affiliation as "GOP."

5. At the Slog, it's David Schmader on Lindsay Lohan.
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