Tourist in Your Own Town

32 ways to fall in love with our city all over again. Plus, welcome to the cult of Taco Time, the heaviness of being Rosalie Fish, and the money diaries of real Seattleites.

In this issue:

Arts & Culture

Building Bridges

Totem Star Lights the Way for Seattle’s Next Generation of Music

The youth nonprofit that started in a juvenile detention facility finds a permanent home at King Street Station.

02/07/2023 By Sophie Grossman

Eat & Drink


Washington’s Great Taco Time Divide

Loving Taco Time Northwest might be the truest badge of being a Seattle native.

01/31/2023 By Allecia Vermillion Illustrations by Hawk Krall Photography by Chona Kasinger

Field Notes

With Bar Bacetto, Mike Easton Recreates Il Corvo in Waitsburg

Some of the best, long lost pasta in Seattle is now just a four-hour drive away.

01/30/2023 By Allecia Vermillion Photography by Amber Fouts

Field Notes

Three New Arrivals, Three New Takes on Sushi

Takai by Kashiba, Sushi by Scratch Restaurants, and Uminori couldn’t be more different. But they have a place along our spectrum of great sushi.

12/16/2022 By Allecia Vermillion Photography by Amber Fouts

Chef’s Day Off

Daisley Gordon’s Pasta in Fried Tomato Sauce

One simple step transforms the Cafe Campagne owner’s after-work pasta into an umami powerhouse.

12/08/2022 By Allecia Vermillion Photography by Amber Fouts

Health & Wellness

Breakthrough Alert

Are We on the Cusp of a Breast Cancer Vaccine?

Dr. Nora Disis and other scientists at UW Medicine's Cancer Vaccine Institute inch closer to a medical moonshot 100 years in the making.

01/23/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Home & Real Estate


Move Over, Neutral Midcentury Remodels

This Edmonds, Washington, home remodel by the Residency Bureau favors livably bold colors, like bright kitchen cabinets, over the era's typical neutrals.

01/20/2023 By Zoe Sayler

News & City Life

Money Money Money

Who Are the Richest People in Washington?

From Jeff Bezos to Bill Gates, there's a lot of Billionaires on this list. And, yes, that's with a capital B.

02/17/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Money Money Money

What You Don’t Know about That “House Poor” Seattle Woman

Why did Seattle so gleefully dunk on Stephanie DiSantis and her impromptu pasta vacations?

02/15/2023 By Zoe Sayler

Here We Go Again

Will Seattle Fans Show Up for the XFL Sea Dragons Debut?

Football fandom will soon be a near-year-round prospect. Whether the fledgling league can garner enough support to fill Lumen Field is yet to be seen.

02/06/2023 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

My Favorite Things

Robin Wehl Martin of Hello Robin Shares Her Favorite Seattle Spots

Where do Seattle’s most well-known tastemakers go? We asked. First up: a gourmet cookie maven.

02/03/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Money Diaries

What Does It Really Take to Live in Seattle?

In one of the country’s most expensive cities, a group of thirtysomethings give us a peek at their financials.

01/27/2023 By Angela Cabotaje Photography by Carlton Canary

Quote Unquote

Hilary Franz Has Her Eye on Public Lands—and Beyond

Washington's commissioner of public lands reimagined wildfire fighting and isn't ruling out a run for higher office.

01/23/2023 By Allison Williams


The Endurance Trials of Rosalie Fish

The UW runner advocates for missing and murdered Indigenous women. But as her activism gains traction, she confronts new tests of her resilience.

01/18/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Lindsey Wasson

Money Money Money

Seattle’s Cost of Living Is More Complicated than You Think

A University of Washington researcher created an alternative to the official poverty line nearly three decades ago. What does it reveal about what we need?

01/13/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Climate Change

The Past, Present, and Future of Nuclear in Washington

Nuclear energy isn't renewable, but can this controversial form of clean energy help save the planet?

01/10/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy

Style & Shopping

Rack It Up

How Nordstrom Rack Elevated Discount Shopping

Celebrating 50 years of tell-your-friends discounts.

01/18/2023 By Zoe Sayler

Travel & Outdoors

Map Quest

A Road Trip through Out-of-the-Way Oregon

Partway between Portland and Bend, a quiet stretch of high desert holds a quirky escape.

02/07/2023 By Allison Williams

on the cheap

Portland's Hostels Bring Back Bunk Beds

Can luxe linens and rooftop bars make the shared-room model appeal to travelers beyond the backpacking set?

01/24/2023 By Allison Williams

Heat is on

A Floating Sauna Hides in the Vancouver Island Wilderness

The unusual retreat near Tofino redefines getting away from it all with a rugged-meets-resort experience.

01/17/2023 By Allison Williams