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Reebok ambassador and instructor Emily Skye demonstrates one way to shake your trainer's hand. Photo courtesy Reebok

While you may have already kissed those fitness resolutions goodbye, Reebok is giving people in 10 cities, including Seattle, a chance to get back on track. And yes, it's free. All you need to do is shake the hand of your personal trainer.

From lifting weights to climbing ropes to mopping beads of sweat and tears off your body, hands do a lot. So Reebok's aptly named new campaign called Hands—piggybacking on its Be More Human initiative—centers around the evolution of our bodies, even down to the tips of our calloused fingers. Use those baby soft hands of yours to give your trainer a handshake before your gratis session, which usually runs anywhere from $50 to $60 for an hour-long workout. And fret not, there are different styles at varying levels of intensity to suit your fitness ambitions.

Book a complimentary personal training session January 17 through January 20, via Reebok's Handstand app; just be sure to redeem your workout by January 31. 

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