Wondering where to shape up in Seattle? Our wedding workouts series sends assistant style editor Amanda Zurita to check out some of the city's hottest (and hardest) fitness classes. 

So much of working out is mental. It takes a serious amount of willpower to do that last pull-up, crank the treadmill to max resistance, and (for me at least) to even lace up your tennis shoes. And while we are all looking for some physical end result, it's just as important to take care of our mental health.

My favorite solution for getting a tight bod and a calm mind? Yoga. A Harvard publication recently found that yoga is not only physically beneficial, but it can help reduce anxiety and stress—something I'm guessing you brides- and grooms-to-be, juggling table settings and guest lists, know a little bit about. 

The city's newest yoga studio, CorePower Yoga, focuses on making yoga accessible and comfortable for everyone. The instructors aren't snooty, the environment isn't all incense and Sanskrit, you don't have to be a master yogi. Instead, CorePower features spa-like facilities, welcoming classes for all levels, free parking, contemporary music, and a supportive, community-oriented atmosphere that takes all the intimidation and pomposity out of practicing yoga. 

The Ballard location features CorePower level one classes for absolute beginners just learning the ropes, rigorous level two classes in a heated room with a focus on core strength, challenging sculpt sessions that add free weights to the level two class, and hot power fusion yoga in an extra-heated room with sequential, flowing movements. All classes incorporate a variety of yoga styles, and the selections are streamlined so you aren't confusingly deciding between Forrest yoga and Bikram style.

Doing yoga regularly tends to result in healthy choices for your body when not on a yoga mat. There's something about feeling good physically and mentally that keeps you from craving that Big Mac. Studio manager Sarah Goble says that by taking classes three times per week, yogis will start to see physical results within a month, but that mental calm and clarity happens after just one class.

CorePower is celebrating its grand opening this Friday, November 16 at 5:30 with an evening of free classes, live music, chair massages, and refreshments. The studio offers everyone the first week of yoga for free. Check out their online schedule and get ready to cobra pose.

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