Nosh Pit Is Back

Seattle Met's restaurant-themed newsletter starts July 26.

By Allecia Vermillion July 13, 2022

For the scrolling averse, you can subscribe to Nosh Pit here.

When I started writing about Seattle restaurants more than a decade ago, this town’s dining scene appeared to be as frenzied as it gets. Tom Douglas was opening three restaurants in a single building in South Lake Union, which was still a land of beat-up industrial blocks. The media chronicled Murray Stenson’s whereabouts like a horde of Last Word–swilling paparazzi. FOOD TRUCKS OPENED BRICK-AND-MORTAR RESTAURANTS. Guys, it was crazy.

And it all seems so quaint compared with today.

Given, well, everything…Seattle Met has decided to bring back our dedicated Nosh Pit weekly newsletter starting July 26. Our new format will include some musings from me. The official plan for this is first impressions of new spots, latest happenings, and the like. But don’t be surprised if it devolves into topics I usually limit to office Slack channels and various gossipy text threads. In general, I'm not big on inserting myself into the stuff I write, so I'm actually looking forward to dabbling a bit more in ye olde first person.

I’ll select stories to accompany this weekly dose of intel. News like the Benbow Room’s unlikely return, and Greenwood’s beautiful new seafood bar. The burger closure that still destroys me. And if you think we will refrain from sprinkling Seattle Met’s signature dining guides liberally into the mix…allow me to disabuse you of that notion in the form of pasta, patios, soft serve, and xiao long bao.

Restaurants contend with so much right now, from staffing shortages to food prices that keep zooming up. Through it all they keep bringing us joy—and the great ones deserve our ongoing support.

If you already receive Seattle Met's megawatt newsletter, Nosh Pit will start hitting your inboxes automatically. Otherwise, you can sign up here. (My colleague—and sometimes doppelganger—Allison Williams will unleash her travel-focused PNWander newsletter soon, too.) Thank you in advance for reading along as I process each fresh week of developments in Seattle’s restaurant landscape.

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