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Delicious food, loved ones, and eventually, leftovers: Is there anything stressful about Thanksgiving dinner? Oh right, making it. If you’re looking to reap the benefits of America’s favorite meal without doing the sowing, these local restaurants have released their takeout turkey day offerings. We’ll add to this list as more spots confirm Thanksgiving details. Meanwhile, here are places doing dine-in Thanksgiving, plus some resources if you just need to order a pie.

Kitchen and Market

Pike Place Market

This glossy newcomer will set you up with an oven-ready turkey (large or extra large) plus all the trimmings, right down to the dinner rolls and (oooh) everything-spiced compound butter. A roasted chicken kit subs in a more manageable bird. Order online, and consider it an excuse to go check this place out.

Omega Ouzeri

Capitol Hill

A two-person dinner comes with the requisite Greek flair, including baklava for dessert. If honey and orange–glazed turkey breast with fruit compote isn’t your jam, opt for the slow-roasted lamb shoulder entrée option instead. Order online.


Capitol Hill

A family-size dinner spread includes everything but the turkey—spicy roast potatoes, stuffed bell peppers with garlic yogurt, vegetable dishes and a cranberry sauce guaranteed to be excellent. Or just pre-order those flavor-filled sides a la carte, maybe add a mezze pack for pre-dinner noshing. Order on Tock.

Eden Hill Restaurant 

Queen Anne 

Designed for four, this $250 offering comes with the essentials: turkey, stuffing, potatoes of all colors, you know the deal. The reward for clearing your plate? Pumpkin basque cheesecake with cinnamon whipped cream. There are a limited number of meals, and time slots to pick them up, so act accordingly. 

Carillon Kitchen  


This eatery prices its pickup only, turkey-centric dinner per person. And to justify the $75 a pop, there are a counter-space-clearing number of sides. It's up to you whether classics like brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes get priority over the butternut squash–infused lobster bisque.   

Hearth at the Heathman  


Staying in Kirkland, meals for (at least) four get boxed up at the Heathman Hotel, and are available to pick up Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. And while the dine-in option is slightly more expansive, the takeout kit has its fair share of options. Antipasto, as well as beer and wine, are available add-ons to an otherwise standard Thanksgiving dinner.  

Bourbon Steak Seattle  


Chef Michael Mina’s newly minted Seattle steak house offers two versions of Thanksgiving dinner. There’s a moderately priced, $179 four-person meal that centers turkey around five sides, including truffle mac and cheese and broccoli. For an extra $70, though, that turkey is replaced by three pounds of prime rib. This is a steak house, after all. (Bonus: There’s a delivery option too, for either Wednesday or Thursday.)  

Salty's Seafood Grills  

Alki, Des Moines 

If your Thanksgiving is going to be more on the intimate side of things, Salty’s is offering a feast for two, at $80. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a wide spread on your table, though: There’s both turkey and glazed ham in the package, and a choice of one of three whole pies. Add-ons include crabmeat, and, of course, wine. 

Sea Creatures / Willmott's Ghost 

Denny Regrade

Conversely, if you’re expecting a crowd for turkey day, Renee Erickson’s restaurant group is offering up a ton of food. For a hair under $500, turkey and enough sides for 8–10 are available for pickup at her restaurant across from the Spheres. Here, add-ons include pie, or a trio of wines (red, white, and sparkling). 

The Capital Grille 


Think you can handle the turkey? Take home $125 worth of stuffing, rolls, potatoes, and other sides from the Capital Grille, available to order from their website.   

Blue Ribbon Cooking  


Options, options, options available for delivery from this Eastlake spot. The floor? $120 for all sides, enough for two people. The ceiling? The Ultimate Feast, meant to serve eight people at over $1000. It includes all appetizers and starters, most sides, two entrees, as well as desserts and drinks, Yeah, there are a lot of categories. Don’t worry, mixing and matching is very much an option.  

Metropolitan Grill


Order from the Downtown steak house by November 18, and choose whether you want to pick up a dinner for four, or have the restaurant deliver it. The turkey or ham entrée options There are three entrée options: The turkey- or ham-centered dinner costs $160 in total, but if you want to polish off prime rib instead, that’ll run you $195. Both an apple and a pumpkin pie are included with the main courses, though.

Husky Deli

West Seattle

This West Seattle institution is bringing back its Thanksgiving offering and, obviously, there’s ice cream involved. A half-gallon of it, to follow up a more traditional turkey dinner. Call (206) 937-2810 to order.


Queen Anne

The dining room’s back open, but the kitchen is still channeling its many rounds of pandemic pivots. This year’s takeout kit has a $415 price tag—for, again, four people. It includes a brine-and-bake organic turkey with instructional video, all the trimmings (including a twice-baked potato casserole), wine, pumpkin pie, and two bottles of wine. For the next day: Ellenos’ pumpkin pie yogurt and something called “the Ultimate Leftovers Sandwich Kit.” Come hungry, or not at all.



Eric Anderson’s wood-powered, detail-oriented kitchen will assemble a take-and-bake four-course menu that includes fancy snacks, a salad of grilled chicories, and a cooked and sliced turkey with sides that requires the simplest of reheating ($160 for a two-person menu $320 for a version that feed four). Or make things even easier with Samara’s other takeout option: The restaurant will send you home with a complete dinner plate, plus a slice of pumpkin pie or caramel tart ($50 per person). Reserve either option here

Ethan Stowell Restaurants/Bramling Cross


A Stowellian Thanksgiving involves a 14-pound turkey, ready to roast, copious amounts of potatoes, gravy, and stuffing, and pumpkin pie, plus some vegetable dishes that would fit right in on one of the company’s restaurant menus. The $250 dinner feeds five or six people; pad things further with some a la carte shellfish options, bottled cocktails, or some wine specials. Reserve online to pick up at the Bramling Cross space.

Eight Row


An entirely a la carte menu lets you dial in exactly the right combination of main event (prime rib or a whole or half turkey) and family style sides in keeping with the restaurant's embrace of Washington's harvest—green bean and chanterelle casserole, a salad of beets, pear, and chicories. You can even procure whole pies and extra rounds of gravy. Order on Tock by November 15.

Shiro’s Sushi


Offset all that leftover turkey with a post-Thanksgiving sushi platter, available November 26-28. Nine types of nigiri, two rolls, and one toro-taku roll, all for $180, and all takeout-only. Call 206-443-9844 to reserve one.



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