We're into the teeth of fall, so yes, temperatures are dropping and leaves are changing colors. But more than anything, fall means pumpkin (spice) season is upon us. Blessedly, we have seemingly endless options to fill all our pumpkin-spiced desires.

Petit Pierre Bakery's Pumpkin Spice Croissant


This bakery does not take the concept of the seasonal menu lightly. Drink options for the fall include pumpkin spice and caramel apple butter lattes, but the real once-a-year delight comes in croissant form: everyone's favorite French pastry filled with not only pumpkin-spiced cream but toasted marshmallow as well.

Sweet Alchemy’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream 

University District

Pumpkin spice–flavored sweets work all the way from breakfast to dessert, where Sweet Alchemy thrives. Scoops (or pints) of its PSL ice cream are back, a pumpkin base dotted with espresso shortbread chunks and swirls of espresso caramel. And vegans, take heart: There's a vegan pumpkin pie flavor on the menu too.

Salt and Straw's Pumpkin Bread Ice Cream

Ballard, Capitol Hill

The Portland-based ice cream shop correctly figures that when dealing with pumpkin-flavored treats, you go big or go home. The only non-pumpkin flavoring here is some whipped cream cheese frosting, which enhances a creamy pumpkin base with chewy bits of pumpkin bread mixed in. This one wasn't made for mere pumpkin likers

Ellenos Pumpkin Pie Yogurt

Pike Place Market, various grocery stores

This Seattle classic layers lightly spiced pumpkin puree with Ellenos’ traditional yogurt. It's on you, though, to stir the two together to create those satisfying swirls. Then, top it off with the accompanying pumpkin cookie crumbles, assuming you don't eat them right out of the package.

Macrina Bakery

Various locations

Macrina's fall menu is only running through November 3 this year (sob), but that's all the more reason to start hoarding its pumpkin goods. The seasonal muffin packs two punches, with toasted pumpkin seeds on top of the pumpkin puree filling, while the chocolate chip–studded pumpkin cookies might make you wonder why there aren't more chocolate-pumpkin fusions in the world. And if you’re planning your desserts a few days out, the mini pumpkin cheesecakes are well worth the pre-order requirement.

Molly Moon’s Pumpkin Clove Ice Cream

Various locations

Seattle's homegrown ice cream empire has embraced the arrival of fall with its seasonal pumpkin clove offering. The appropriately named flavor includes the blended insides of real pumpkins and cloves, duh, but also ginger and cinnamon spices. The only real question is whether to get it in a cup or cone.

Seattle Cider Company's Pumpkin Spice Cider

Industrial District, various bottle shops and grocery stores 

The pumpkin cider at Seattle’s original cidery has hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices of the like to complement the pumpkin flavoring. In other words, it's liquified, 6.9 percent ABV pumpkin pie. Not exactly the toughest sell.

Mighty-O's Pumpkin Spice Doughnut

Various locations

Spiced and coated with a brown sugar glaze (that melts when dunked in its latte counterpart), the seasonal offering from this vegan doughnut chainlet has turned the essence of fall into something glorious. Visit one of Mighty-O's three locations to make your office/Zoom call/Instagram followers jealous, or if crunched for time, have it delivered to your door. 

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