Rob Roy's got the cocktails—provide your own fancy glasses.

Here's a bit of utopia in an otherwise wholly dystopian experience: Takeout cocktails are finally, if temporarily, legal. Here's where to get yours this weekend.

Updated Friday, June 5 with our latest recommendations.

Pam’s Kitchen

Brighten your day with tropical cocktails, like the coconutty rum drink Trinidad Smash or a minty mojito, from kinetic Wallingford spot Pam’s Kitchen. They’re a perfect foil for flavorful Trinidadian fare such as spicy jerk chicken, lamb curry, and aloo pies, available for takeout or third-party delivery.

New Luck Toy

The owners have insisted this kitschy West Seattle riff on old-school Chinese American dining is a bar, not a restaurant—what an unexpected boon, then, that you can now take home a hurricane slushie or pink guava paloma in addition to honey pecan prawns and shiitake pork egg rolls.

Jerk Shack

Rum punch, Jamaican hibiscus ginger punch, and a house margarita comprise the limited but solid takeout selection from this Caribbean oasis in Belltown. And if you want to see more of owner Trey Lamont’s spicy jerk chicken and seafood gumbo around town, you can support the Jerk Shack Seattle Land Fund: Lamont says he wants to purchase land closer to where Seattle’s Black community lives rather than the centralized location he has now.


While some places offer token a la carte items like grilled cheese sandwiches to meet the legal requirement that customers buy food along with to-go cocktails, Ravenna’s Southern darling sticks mostly to composed meals with the option to add a mezcal manhattan or Orchard Street (lots of ginger and quince-infused vodka). That’s not a complaint, mind you—we’d never pass up a fried chicken dinner or hearty vegan spread to wash down with a barley old fashioned.


A wide-ranging takeout menu—from plantain chip and empanada starters to paneer tikka and burger entrees to owner Donna Moodie’s namesake margarita—keeps fans coming back to this Capitol Hill classic. Email [email protected] to order.

Older entries are archived below—as always, visit a restaurant or bar’s website or social media pages to confirm details.

Rob Roy

The Belltown classic offers pre-mixed drinks—including its namesake, a perfect blend of Scotch, masala-spiced amaro, and sweet vermouth—in 750ml bottles you can simply pour from the freezer when you’re ready, conveniently serving up to 12 drinks depending on how generously you fill a glass. A few options, like a tart gimlet and a Cast-Iron Old Fashioned (basically brunch in a glass: bourbon washed with bacon fat, birch smoke, maple syrup, and ground coffee), come in smaller portions, too.

Champagne Diner

Not your average diner, not your average cocktails: A standard negroni becomes a Negroni del Sol with a hit of creme de banana; the Golden Old Fashioned swaps warming whiskey for a cool summer dress of gin and calvados, not to mention “two large sculpture-grade ice cubes that can and should be reused!” Each drink serves four, though the Interbay restaurant raises the prospect of a gallon container of margarita-adjacent Cowboy in Paris if you coordinate via DM.

Knee High Stocking Co.

All you need to do is text your pickup or delivery order to this quietly cool Capitol Hill bar and you’ll have access to Filipino comfort food, like lumpia and eggplant adobo, and shrub-based cocktail options such as Super Assam, blending gin with black tea, or Ube Kool Aid with spiced rum. In some ways, it feels more like speakeasy service than ever.


Bitter times call for bitter drinks, and there aren’t many better than Amari-o Brothers, an expert blend of intense amari like Cynar and Santa Maria al Monte. Use it, or one of the other pleasant cocktail choices, to settle your stomach after a pasta-rich meal of tajarin al ragu or bake-at-home lasagna from this Capitol Hill Italian bar and its sibling restaurant, Cascina Spinasse.

Ba Bar

The Vietnamese street-food style small plates are surely large enough, legally speaking, to count as an entree—but it’s the fizzy cocktails to-go that truly pack a punch. Ba Bar says they’re ultra-carbonated to 45 psi, far more than your average seltzer (which clocks in at about 20 psi, according to Sodastream). That means your Nguyen Fizz, a combo of gin, rhubarb liqueur, Txakolina, and lemon, will stay true to its name whether you’re heading home from the restaurant’s Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, or U Village location. (Or all three. No judgment.)


We’re excited for this Madrona wine bar’s recent pivot to burgers—but booze is, of course, Bottlehouse’s thing. Pretty, wine-based cocktails like frosé and frosecco spritz are packaged in juice-shop style bottles (for discrete imbibing on the walk home, we assume).

Super Six

Intermittent springtime sun has apparently inspired multiple Seattle bars to hop on the frosé-to-go train. This tropical Columbia City restaurant counts the wine slushie—with vodka and lychee, for an extra-good time—and a bourbon-based Thatcher with guava, mint, and citrus cordial among its to-go cocktails, perfect with a 10-pack of tacos or a full-on Luau Dinner.

Herb & Bitter Public House

Step up to the takeout window or call ahead to avail yourself of some of Seattle’s best cocktails to go, as this Capitol Hill bar serves weekly specials like the Olympic Sour, which delicately balances rye whiskey, elderflower liqueur, lemon, and lavender. If you prefer a dealer’s choice, Herb & Bitter also takes requests based on your drink preferences, mood (dark and stormy?), or whatever other info you choose to share.


This Korean favorite’s Fremont reopening was short-lived, but both the restaurant and its in-house bar, Quoin, are taking on takeout. Soju cocktails, rosé lychee sangria, and milk punch with rum, mezcal, lapsang, coconut, and banana liqueur come in single-serving mason jars (a nice reprieve for single diners not looking to get smashed). Orders aren’t accepted past 5pm, so this dinner date for one takes pre-planning—but the lines of socially distanced mask-wearers waiting nightly on Revel’s patio say it’s worth it.


Whether you’re picking up a pizza kit to make at home or a fresh wood-fired pie and tiramisu from Mioposto’s Ravenna, West Seattle, Mercer Island, or Mount Baker location, tack on a barrel-aged negroni or a vesper variation with gin, vodka, and house-made limoncello to complete the Italian-ish experience.

Union Saloon

Wallingford’s careful yet chill neighborhood bar keeps fans in steady supply of crisp fried chicken, open-faced sandwiches topped with the likes of brisket or burrata and asparagus, and now takeout cocktails like a slushy paloma or Michelle’s Gimlet, an elegant blend of gin, yellow chartreuse, and black-lemon bitters. You can order online and grab the goods in person.

Oddfellows Café + Bar

Is it fair to call bloody marys divisive? If so, consider the strife laid to rest. You can now get a single bloody mary to go, instead of an entire kit, and still have room for a Kombucha Collins or a mimosa alongside your biscuits and gravy and beignets from one of Capitol Hill’s highly reliable brunch spots. Order online for pickup or third-party delivery every weekend morning.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

When was the last time you saw a cocktail in Seattle for $6? RGB’s offering these long-forgotten prices for pickup at its University District and Capitol Hill locations, as long as you buy in bulk: Each 32oz growler—filled with mango margaritas or moscow mules in original or pink guava flavor—costs $30 and works out to five drinks of more than six ounces each. (Don’t even get us started on how many household members you could treat with a 64oz growler.)

Lady Jaye

Nightly prix fixe collections of Southern snacks and smoked meats—like filet mignon, pork ribs, or whole chicken—feel like complete meals now that you can pair them with this West Seattle restaurant’s pre-made cocktails. Each bottle contains at least three servings, and more than half the list is whiskey-forward, from the anise-inflected bourbon crusta to an old fashioned with smoked syrup, but fans of gin, vodka, and tequila can find their bliss too. Order online for pickup.

Don Lucho’s

When you only serve one cocktail, it’d better be a real banger. Enter: the pisco sour. Creamy and rich due to the shaken egg white yet tangy and refreshing thanks to lime juice and the namesake spirit, a pisco sour is the perfect complement to the Peruvian hits—like pollo santado, rockfish ceviche, fried plantains, and tres leches—that you can order online and pick up at Don Lucho’s, a former food truck now settled in Maple Leaf.

Oliver’s Twist

Oliver’s Twist in Phinney Ridge readied its takeout cocktails at superhuman speed, launching a “batched & ready” menu at 10am the day after the new law was announced. It’s a surprisingly varied lineup—a Dickensian original, Pickwick Papers, combines mezcal with Ancho Reyes, bitters, lemon, and a housemade shrub; lovers of rye whiskey have three takeout options to choose from. Additional drinks, the bar’s Instagram promises, will be added this weekend. Just when we thought we were finally free of the indecision inspired by an exhaustive cocktail menu.

The Sitting Room

Theater types missing out on the pre- or post-performance hubbub of this Lower Queen Anne bar can now recreate the experience at home. Pick up some quesadillas and bottled cocktails—like a barrel-aged paper plane with bourbon, Aperol, amaro, and lemon, plus a huge ice cube if you’d like—light some candles in the living room, and stream the latest inspiring digital content from the Pacific Northwest Ballet. (Bonus points for spreading some industry gossip on Twitter.)

Cure Cocktail

Free delivery on meatball subs and manhattans in mason jars from Capitol Hill? Sign us up. The minimum order is two cocktails, but you can mix and match the available options and you don’t have to finish them all in one night—these spirit-forward drinks should keep.

Agua Verde Cafe

This is a quarantine fantasy: Kayak up to Agua Verde on Portage Bay, kayak home with a 16oz mason jar full of prickly pear margarita. Or rum punch. (Or one of each.) Each $25 vessel holds a little over three cocktails, a per-drink price no Seattleite would bat an eyelash at, and they come packed with their own salt and lime—not that you’d dream of cracking them open before getting home. Stay tuned for drinks from Rumba, recently nominated for World’s Best Spirits Selection, on the menu later this weekend.


In West Seattle, a walk-up window now promises fat slices of pepperoni pizza and boozy slushies to go—by the quart, no less. But be careful: The bar says each is roughly equivalent to four or five drinks, so brain freeze won’t be your only regret if you suck down an entire bittersweet jungle bird or tropical guava margarita alone before it melts.


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